Per Angusta and SpendHQ Join Forces!

A match made in Procurement heaven to build the world’s first integrated closed loop Procurement Platform: end-to-end solution to understand spend, identify opportunities, implement them, and measure Procurement’s contribution in indisputable way.

Powering Up Procurement Worldwide

Per Angusta enables unique procurement accountability, collaboration and agility


With Per Angusta’s Sourcing Pipeline dashboard, everyone in the business can see your team’s immediate and future impact on the bottom line.


Facilitate fact-based discussions with Finance and other stakeholders. Work as a team like never before around shared metrics.


Setting goals, reshuffling priorities, and tracking the individual and collective performance of the procurement team has never been easier.

Built for buyers, by buyers

With first-hand experience working in procurement, we have built a platform that responds to your daily challenges.

Works with other solutions

Use Per Angusta as a standalone platform for your source-to-contract needs, or interface it with what you’re already using. Extend it with leading partner software solutions in just a few clicks.

Super easy to use

Implementation within days. Onboarding completed in hours. Per Angusta is so intuitive, master the platform in no time!

Agile Procurement Performance Management



Identify all possible opportunities to reduce spend, cut risk, and boost vendor quality. Complete visibility means no sourcing opportunity slips through the cracks.



In your Sourcing Pipeline, prioritize sourcing projects based on criteria such as value and risk. Effortlessly reshuffle priorities as necessary.



Produce a reliable savings forecast for each sourcing project. Build realistic and shared objectives. Enjoy a trusted figure for the total contracted savings your team is committing to delivering in the future.



Complete transparency in the Sourcing Pipeline facilitates collaboration within the Procurement team and with Finance and other stakeholders.



Measure progress in meeting your procurement goals. Be alerted to events and bottlenecks that threaten your performance.



Armed with trusted reports, share your progress with Finance and business stakeholders. Reshuffle your priorities to best meet their urgent needs.

"Investing in a Procurement Performance Management solution that enables real-time visibility to the value being created by procurement to business stakeholders is a no-brainer. It is time for organizations to get out of excel and truly digitize their environment."

Jonathan Fehring
Sr Director Procurement and Purchase-to-Pay Advisory, The Hackett Group

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Decathlon, the largest sporting goods retailer in the world, chose Per Angusta to manage, optimize and make Procurement Performance visible.

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