50 to watch: Per Angusta part of Spend Matters Procurement provider

17 May 2016

50 to watch: Per Angusta part of Spend Matters Procurement provider

The 50 Providers to Watch lists shines a light on exciting newcomers who are pushing the envelope.

Spend Matters, the worldwide reference website for Procurement-related information, has just added Per Angusta to their “50 to watch” list of providers worth watching in 2016.

This is both an honour and an encouregement to pursue our journey towards Procurement performance.

50 to Watch: Per Angusta is honored to be part of it. They highlight the most cutting edge providers in the field of Procurement, regardless their activity: all kind of software (sourcing, contingent staffing management, eProcurement…), but also consulting or services (Uber for Business…).

There are a lot of pretenders and we are now part of this very closed cycle. We’re thankful to the team at Spend Matters for that.

It is also an encouragement. We’re also the only representant in our category : Sourcing Pipeline and Savings tracking.

By convincing renowned Procurement analysts of the relevance of our model, we are confident for the future.

We will double down on helping Procurement organisation growing faster by providing them with effective tools to increase and showcase their contribution to the competitiveness and performance of their organisation.

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