Brenton Walton drives Per Angusta’s expansion in North America

3 May 2021

Brenton Walton drives Per Angusta’s expansion in North America

With a recent fundraising, Per Angusta is strengthening its international development. The mission of Brenton Walton, as Per Angusta VP Sales North America, is to enhance utilization of Per Angusta and brand awareness in this region.

In this interview Brenton shares his background, his goals, and explains why Per Angusta will be successful in this market.

Brenton, could you tell us a little bit about your background in Procurement and technology?

I have been in procurement for nearly 10 years now. Previously, I was the Director of Sales, North America for Synertrade, one of the leading global Source-to-Pay platforms. Before that I was the Head of Business Development & Marketing, North America at Synertrade focusing on our Go-To-Market strategy as a predominantly French company building the US presence.
Before Synertrade I had a unique role with Marcus Evans where I had the opportunity to learn about all the best procurement technology and consulting providers in the market, while networking and supporting practitioners and CPO’s across the Fortune 500/Fortune 1000. This allowed me to learn who has the best technology, and to make my recommendations to procurement executives who are looking to purchase technology.

Why did you decide to join Per Angusta?

I was introduced to Per Angusta about a year ago. Being a part of the procurement landscape for the past 10 years, I immediately recognized how Per Angusta fills a gap that is missing in the S2P world, and that is measuring procurement’s success. One of the largest hurdles for most organizations is justifying ROI beyond cost savings, and I believe Per Angusta will help every mid-to-large organization to do so.

I picture Fortune 1000 organizations who are looking to continue their digital roadmap, but needing to provide reason to leadership, of their value at a granular level, with data rich intelligence. Not only a focus on spend management, but spend optimization. This is where procurement and Per Angusta will become a much more strategic partner within the company.

What will be your role within the Sales Team?

I will lead Sales for North America, as we expand from the EU and build our US business. Per Angusta has an opportunity to rejuvenate and support all the efforts and achievements that procurement teams all over the US have accomplished. Now, they’ll have more data to support those claims, and I am excited for the opportunity to share the Per Angusta story.

According to your experience, what makes Per Angusta unique within the Procurement digital landscape?

It fulfills one of the key conversations I have on a daily basis, and that is for the relationship between finance and procurement. I find that in 2020, procurement finally “got a seat at the table.” 2020 opened up waves of new initiatives, and old. Going back to the basics, while also looking at new adjustments, for all of us. In one of these areas, were large organizations taking the time to evaluate their tools, and what software they use daily to empower their teams for success.

To me, it is always interesting seeing the hundreds of different procurement technology providers that exist, from the large suites, to very specific niche providers. When I look at Per Angusta, it can truly be used by all procurement organizations to LEAD, rather than be LED, no matter the maturity.

Why do you think Per Angusta will be successful?

One of my favorite times of year is conference season. To hear Case Studies, learn from my peers, but especially to have an abundance of one-on-one conversations with procurement professionals looking for solutions to advance their teams. I say this, because for every presentation where a large Fortune 500 organization seems to be far beyond digitalization, there are still countless organizations who have yet to even purchase a Sourcing tool or Contract Management repository.
They still live and breathe in Excel. When I look at Per Angusta, it can be used by both organizations in this scenario, to help transparency and alignment with stakeholders, as well as a great starting point.