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Thomas Delamarre, in position for 6 months now, talks about his job as Customer Success Manager at Per Angusta. Before joining Per Angusta, you used to act as a buyer for large companies, tell us more about your background. I…

April 20, 2020

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Thomas Delamarre, in position for 6 months now, talks about his job as Customer Success Manager at Per Angusta.

Before joining Per Angusta, you used to act as a buyer for large companies, tell us more about your background.

I graduated from a Purchasing Master done at Kedge Business School (Bordeaux Business Shool).

After this, I first joined TOTAL for 3 years, then MONOPRIX 2 years and finally ALSTOM a year ago. The common point regarding these different experiences is Indirect Procurement. I obviously dealt with a wide range of Procurement categories depending on the company. This was very instructive as I was able to grasp this job with a different operational proximity depending on the context, moving from a procurement strategic scope to, sometimes, – to more field-based actions.

I enjoyed a lot the relationship I had with my internal customers, when I was a buyer. This is what I find again today in my current role as Customer Success Manager at Per Angusta, but this time with “external” customers.

Why did you decide to join Per Angusta rather than other solution providers?

I actually discovered Per Angusta when I was in the Non-Merchant Procurement department at Monoprix – I was then a Per Angusta user and the administrator of the platform. So, this is how I used the solution on a daily basis and, believe me, it helped me a lot in the follow-up of my tasks. I found the application very useful, and I would even say that it is today a “must have” for the buyers’ job!

Then, I had the opportunity to meet the Per Angusta team during Business Reviews and especially during the Users Club organized to gather the customers community. This allowed me to “feel” the general atmosphere and team spirit of Per Angusta on several occasions. I appreciated their approach to human and professional relations and simply wanted to be part of the adventure.

Given your operational Procurement background, how do you approach your role as a CSM with Per Angusta users? What do you value most to best serve this community?  

The role of CSM may be a new one for me, but I still want to keep my buyer’s eyes. I don’t want to come as if I was in a conquered land, with ONE Procurement expertise and ONE single way to use the platform. Simply because there are as many ways to use Per Angusta as there are customers, Procurement processes, or ways to manage projects and procurement performance.

Our customers are not using the same ingredients, so I definitely cannot offer them a unique recipe.

I bring them a vision, a Procurement language and above all some useful tips and best practices from other customers.

If, at the end of a project, a customer uses Per Angusta the way he initially figured it out, it is already a success. But if, at the end of a project, the feedback given to my client enables him to better use the platform and helps him to optimize his Procurement processes, then it is a double success!

In this regard,  of  ‘how to best serve the Procurement community’, I think that the keystone of exchanges is to speak the same language as a buyer, because this is, by definition, the best way to understand each other.

Do you have any advice for your peers, to help them to better meet their customers’ needs and expectations ?

I think empathy is the key. More than just being customer oriented, you have to put yourself into your customer’s shoes.

In the job title of ‘CSM’, “Customer” is not just a word, it is something that must qualify each of our interactions. We have to be able to pass on this customer feedback to the sales, marketing and technical teams so that everyone can go in the right direction and avoid problems.

Be empathic on the one hand, but also keep in mind not to be in a consensual position. Dare to raise question to your client, this helps to avoid shadowy areas and to sweep away points that may not seem obvious at first.

You’ve been with us for 6 months now, how would you define your experience at Per Angusta?  

The word that comes to my mind would be: Exciting!

Beyond the novelty of this job and my missions, I really appreciate the fast development of Per Angusta. We are regularly dealing with new projects and extra challenges. And internally, the development of new features is also run at a fast pace. It is stimulating because you have to quickly bring yourself up to speed, to best support our customers skills. In short, there is no time to get bored!

On a more  personal level, I appreciate the strong human connection within the teams, with all departments – thanks to the different personalities that make up the strength of Per Angusta.

And finally, how do you see Per Angusta in a few years?

I perceive Per Angusta as a stronghold of the Procurement Digitalization with exponential but controlled growth.

I think that the decisions, that are made by sales, marketing, customer or technical departments, are both ambitious but reasonable. We move forward quickly, but we don’t move any faster than we can.


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