Export reports to Excel or Powerpoint

3 June 2014

Export reports to Excel or Powerpoint

Today we’re bringing some new features in Per Angusta:

  • Graphs & KPIs data export to Excel
  • New exports in the Pipeline and Savings sections

Export KPIs reports to Excel

For most of the KPIs in the dashboard section you can now easily download the underlying data in an Excel file.

Just look for the “download data” button or, for graphs, the Excel icon.

Export reports to Excel or Powerpoint

We also remind you that you could already download a picture of any graph by clicking the “hamburger” button on the top right hand side.

2014-06-03 at 10.42.png

New Exports

In addition to the existing export of data we have introduced new types of reports.

For example, for the savings, we’ve added a summary report, with less columns (only the columns you have on screen) and a new “P&L report”.

This P&L report takes all the negotiations that impact the P&L and spreads the amounts month by month for the next 12-months.

This report was requested by a user who needed to build that report for the reviews with his CFO.

How to use this?

If you click on the “Export” button, you will get the same report as usual (“Full Export”). If you click on the little triangle, you will be able to pick one of the other reports.

2014-06-03 at 17.36.png

Let us know if you need more information or help to export reports to Excel.

What’s next?

For the next release, expected later in June, we have some nice things that should save you some time. Stay tuned!