Frank Thewihsen drives Per Angusta’s expansion to become a leading brand in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (GSA)

With a recent fundraising, Per Angusta is strengthening its international development. The mission of Frank Thewihsen, as Per Angusta Lead for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, is to enhance utilization of Per Angusta and brand awareness in this region. In this…

February 25, 2021

Frank Thewihsen

With a recent fundraising, Per Angusta is strengthening its international development. The mission of Frank Thewihsen, as Per Angusta Lead for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, is to enhance utilization of Per Angusta and brand awareness in this region.

In this interview Frank shares his background, his goals, and explains why Per Angusta will be successful in this market.

Frank, could you tell us a little bit about your background in Procurement and technology?

Just over 20 years ago, I joined eBrieviate (a spin-off from A.T. Kearney), a well-advanced, easy-to-use eSourcing solution to manage RFPs and eAuctions. Even when procurement was young, I could see the value in supporting buyers with digital solutions.

As we continued to grow our product offerings and expand, eBreviate moved into the broader procurement consulting space. We functioned as a dedicated team within the larger global organization and helped support organizations in developing their procurement goals and processes.

I left Kearney in 2011 and joined EY to support the growth of the Supply Chain and Procurement team, leading the EMEIA SCO team for several years. During my nine years with EY, I helped to strengthen their supply chain and procurement practices and gained valuable insight into our client’s manifold issues and transformation journeys.

Finally, I decided to retire from the consulting life As a driven person who greatly enjoys solving problems with innovative technology, I made it my mission to use the expertise I had gathered over the past decades to help grow a smaller, innovative technology company. That’s how I found myself at Per Angusta.

According to your experience, what makes Per Angusta unique within the Procurement digital landscape?

Uncertain times call for innovation and accuracy. Per Angusta helps procurement teams professionally manage their sourcing initiatives and efficiently demonstrate to business partners how procurement is contributing to business goals. This extraordinary and very simple technology integrates existing procurement technologies seamlessly in one central location to accelerate their digital transformation path.

From what I have seen, no other solution in the market provides what Per Angusta is offering. Most importantly, Per Angusta is a Procurement Performance Management solution that tracks and clearly showcases the value procurement offers within an organization.

In addition, I really appreciate that Per Angusta is not in competition with other well-established procurement technologies for spend management, eSourcing and contract management. Per Angusta actually sits on top of those other solutions, connecting all platforms to a single cockpit for procurement professionals.

Finally, I consider the fact that Per Angusta was made by procurement practitioners to be a real asset. With an intuitive interface, the platform is really easy to adopt and has all the tools procurement professionals need. The solution truly helps to enhance collaboration and communication with stakeholders and finance departments.

What are your goals for the short term?

It is my goal to make Per Angusta a well-known, leader in the procurement technology space in the GSA market within the next six to 12 months. We already have some great cutting-edge clients in Germany and Switzerland and I want to make sure we significantly grow our client base while working to create a large networking pool to better support those existing clients.

My second objective is to locally reinforce existing partnerships with players like e.g. SAP Ariba, Coupa, Accenture and expand on our network with big and smaller software providers and consultancies that are supporting German, Austrian and Swiss companies in their digital transformation.

We have a unique opportunity to support the evolution of procurement using Per Angusta and I am very enthusiastic to help in that journey.

Why do you think Per Angusta will be successful in the German, Swiss and Austrian (GSA) market?

Per Angusta offers so many benefits. I believe the solution can deliver additional value for procurement teams and we have a unique opportunity to help support the advancement of procurement. This is an initiative that I am excited to lead in the German, Austrian and Swiss market.

Most companies in GSA are in the middle of a significant transformation journey. An important part of this process is very much connected to broad SAP-ERP installations, systems that Per Angusta seamlessly integrates with, most of which need additional technology innovation and efficiency.

While large companies are already quite advanced in terms of procurement digital transformation, medium-sized companies (Mittelstand) still have some catching up to do. According to a survey by BME in 2020, more than 83 % of the respondents, being buyers and supply chain experts from medium-sized companies, believed that their business will be significantly affected by digitalization in the future. However, very few are sufficiently prepared for this in their current state.

Too often, a patchwork of complex suites dominates. There is a lack of integrated workflows and, above all, a real digital strategy for purchasing and supply management. This is where Per Angusta comes in and I am convinced that we’ll find our place in those markets.


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