Jason Treida wants to make Per Angusta a leading Procurement Software brand in North America

With a recent 3.8 million Dollars fundraising, Per Angusta is strengthening its international development. The mission of Jason Treida, Per Angusta North American Lead, is to enhance Per Angusta development and brand awareness in North America. In this interview Jason…

October 19, 2020

Jason Treida Interview USA - Per Angusta

With a recent 3.8 million Dollars fundraising, Per Angusta is strengthening its international development. The mission of Jason Treida, Per Angusta North American Lead, is to enhance Per Angusta development and brand awareness in North America.

In this interview Jason is sharing his background, his primary goals and why Per Angusta will be successful in the North American market

Jason, could you tell us a little bit about your background in the Procurement and Technology space?

Just over 20 years ago I cofounded IASTA, an easy-to-use eSourcing solution to manage RFPs and Reverse Auctions.

As we continued to expand our product offerings and gain more market share, our clients (most of whom were large global organizations) were pushing us into a full Source-to-Pay solution. After many years of evaluating options and to meet our customer’s needs, we decided to merge with a contract lifecycle management solution. As part of that process, we acquired a p2p technology firm, rebranding the merged company as Determine (now known as Corcentric). That allowed us to provide a single platform for Source to Pay.

After leaving Determine, I have been consulting while looking for my next opportunity. As a person driven who greatly enjoys solving problems with technology, my primary goal was to join or start an innovative company.

Why did you decide to join Per Angusta?

Just over a year ago, I was introduced to Per Angusta and immediately recognized that this was truly a unique solution in the procurement landscape.

Per Angusta solves an old procurement challenge regarding the management of the sourcing pipeline and savings tracking in an easy-to use solution. Per Angusta is intuitive, but detailed enough to add value with complex reporting requirements. Per Angusta offers several compelling benefits and I was blown away by the capabilities, ease of use, and product vision.

Looking back, all of my old clients could have greatly benefited from what Per Angusta is delivering and that is exciting to me! I have spoken to some old colleagues and the reception is better than I could have imagined, which once again reassured me that this is the right company to join.

Another reason why I really feel at home at Per Angusta, is that I like the story of the company and it reminded me of when I was starting out in the technology field. Per Angusta has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, an amazing team, most of whom come from the procurement industry, and a unique product offering with huge potential. All of that, plus a great and proven client base, is a true recipe for success.

Getting to know the team for the last year really helped me to understand the company vision and the opportunity we face. We have worked together seamlessly and there has been a lot of sharing of ideas on both sides. Pierre and his team have done an incredible job and I’m excited to help Per Angusta grow.

That being said, I am grateful to Pierre and the rest of the team for their confidence in my ability and responsibly to head up the Americas for Per Angusta.

According to your experience, what makes Per Angusta unique within the Procurement Digital landscape?

Per Angusta is at the core of procurement teams. It is where procurement professionals go to start their day and manage their projects. Companies that are still using solutions like Excel, SharePoint, or other homegrown solutions are selling themselves short, not realizing how effective they can be.

Using a solution like Per Angusta really does elevate the role of Procurement within an organization by providing greater transparency, increased adoption, better professionalism, and alignment with stakeholders and finance. When finance has easy access to procurements numbers, trusts that they are accurate, and can agree on how the savings will be used, then procurement can be a trusted advisor and have a strategic role within the company.

From what I can tell, no other solution in the market is doing what Per Angusta is doing or is even close to the same capabilities based on our company vision for Procurement Performance Management.

Many companies adopt a digital solution, but it is ultimately not beneficial because they do not have complete adoption. It is rare to see a company like Per Angusta, where many of the clients achieve 100% adoption and truly provide value within the company.

In no way is this a me-too solution. Per Angusta is unique and positioned to quickly become a Procurement Software market leader which will be utilized by the most cutting-edge procurement organizations. I believe this is one of the many reasons why analysts like Spend Matters recognized Per Angusta as a “50 to Know” solution in the procurement technology space landscape.

What are your goals for the short term?

My number-one objective is to strengthen the Per Angusta brand in the North American market. Today, when I have discussions regarding Per Angusta, it is about educating potential clients that a solution like Per Angusta does actually exist in the market. It is my goal to make Per Angusta a well-known, leading brand in North America within the next 6 to 12 months in the procurement technology space. We already have some great cutting-edge clients in North America, and I want to make sure we significantly grow our client base creating a large networking pool to better support those existing clients.

The second objective will be to create a team in North America to hit our goals and make sure we are all well suited and aligned for success.

Finally, in the short term, I want to reinforce the existing partners ecosystem and expand on our network of technology partners, content providers, and consulting partners. This directly aligns with our goal as a technology hub for procurement teams.

We have a unique opportunity to make Per Angusta a game changer in the industry and I am excited to help in that journey.

Why do you think Per Angusta will be successful in the North American market?

I believe the North American market is one of the leaders in regard to procurement maturity, but still offers lots of room for improvement. This market is open to adopting the latest technology trends, are very well educated in best practices, and have easy access to training or certifications in the field.

With that said, companies are still all over the map in their maturity level, so some have a lot of catching up to do. No matter where an organization is at, there is always room for improvement of technology innovation and efficiency.

Companies are still trying to figure out the right approach for digitizing their procurement processes and moving away from tools like Excel which are not robust, collaborative, professional, and forward looking.

When you throw in things like COVID-19, it’s become obvious that your team must be digital to survive and responsive to changing conditions, showing how you can deliver savings without questions and adapt quickly to a changing environment.

Per Angusta is set up for success in all scenarios because they can take a company using Excel for savings tracking, and within days, bring them up to the level of their best-in-class peers, as well as take a market leader in the procurement field and make them even stronger. We see that by some of the awards our clients have won by adopting Per Angusta.

Finally, Per Angusta’s focus on being a technology hub for procurement teams is a game changer in the market. It is truly a plug-and play environment, allowing procurement teams to have access to all of the solutions they need directly from one single Procurement Software solution.

The advantages of what Per Angusta can deliver truly makes this a unique opportunity and one that I am excited to lead the charge for the Americas.


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