Jean-Sébastien Ghis joins Per Angusta as the Head of Delivery

31 May 2021

Jean-Sébastien Ghis joins Per Angusta as the Head of Delivery

With a recent fundraising, Per Angusta is strengthening its international development. The mission of Jean-Sébastien Ghis, as Per Angusta Head of Delivery, is to assure Customer Success and satisfaction.

In this interview Jean-Sébastien shares his background, some tips for an effective customer relationship management and his role at Per Angusta.

Jean-Sébastien, could you tell us a little bit about your background?

I was born and raised in Nice, in the South East of France. I moved around a bit for my studies (Paris) and then for work (Munich, London). I’m now based just outside Lyon with my wife and daughters.
I love traveling and photography (playing with the settings on a “real” camera). I’m also a tenor sax player. I try and improve upon my limited ability on that front with hours of practice that drive my family mad.

Why did you decide to join Per Angusta?

I’ve spent several years at Danone, in IT, finance, and process transformation roles. Six years ago, I wanted to move away from that inspiring but extremely large organization and decided to join UpClear, an innovative and agile B2B SaaS vendor who was scaling up. I was in charge of EMEA clients and my team and I developed the Customer Success Management.
Joining Per Angusta seemed like a natural next step, taking a global role in an organization with excellent growth potential in the digital procurement space. The recruitment experience was extremely positive and also definitely played a part in attracting me to Per Angusta.

What will be your role within the Delivery Team?

The delivery team at Per Angusta handles everything from the moment a client decides to join us: implementation, onboarding, support, and last but definitely not least, customer success.
The team is already filled with talented, knowledgeable and customer-obsessed individuals. So, my role will be to help channel all that positive energy into a scalable organization to keep up with the constant stream of new customers that our highly effective commercial team is delivering.

Why Customer Success is so crucial in SaaS companies?

In its purest form, the promise of SaaS is that it should be as easy to get out as in. If your solution delivers expected positive outcomes, customers achieve success, they want more of it and, they become your best ambassadors.
Customer success is essential for SaaS vendors because the primary objective is to tie in customers, not through artificial agreements or exit barriers, but through continuous value realisation.

Would you have any tips for an effective customer relationship management?

It might be odd to say this in a world of virtual relationships, digital solutions and minimal attention span, but in my opinion, it’s all about deep listening and taking time to understand people. Don’t hesitate to ask the five why’s, to get to the root of things. Only then can you proactively bring that extra value and go above and beyond your customer’s expectations.