Julie Ramoneda, Digital & Telecom Purchasing Manager at LVMH Group, shares her vision of Digital Procurement

The LVMH group, world leader in luxury, is gathering some 75 exceptional Houses that create high quality products in various sectors such as Wines & Spirits, Fashion & Leather Goods, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Watches & Jewelry, as well as Selective…

June 1, 2021

Julie Ramoneda shares her vision of Digital Procurement - Per Angusta

The LVMH group, world leader in luxury, is gathering some 75 exceptional Houses that create high quality products in various sectors such as Wines & Spirits, Fashion & Leather Goods, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Watches & Jewelry, as well as Selective Retailing. Digitalization is essential for LVMH group, especially when it relates to customer journey. The Group’s ambition is to offer to its customers a global experience, both physical – in-store, and digital – through e-commerce.

For several years, the Purchasing Department of the LVMH Group has been using the Per Angusta solution. Julie Ramoneda, Digital & Telecom Purchasing Manager for the LVMH Group, is also the administrator of the solution. She shared with us her experience and good practices, of how to ensure a sustainable adoption of the digital procurement tools.

The procurement digitalization of LVMH is a transversal project, carried out both by the Purchasing Corporate Department (ten buyers) and by all the Purchasing Departments of the various Houses. In total, the LVMH Group represents a community of 200 buyers, for whom processes and tools are set up to increase Procurement productivity and added value.

Beyond the traditional “Source to Pay” topics, a special emphasis has been placed on data management. The goal is to enable buyers to make the best use of all available data, so that they can offer relevant analysis to the various Houses and business partners, who can then better support Purchasing in challenging the needs, as well as improving negotiation and supplier risk management. The buyers’ objective is to find the “data” project that will enable them to increase their added value on their scope.

In this context, the Per Angusta platform was implemented at the end of 2017, to enable the Procurement team to follow projects and savings tracking, which was previously handled on an Excel file. In 2018, the Group decided to add the Contracts Module, to enable LVMH Group to share all their contracts with the various Houses.

One of the Group’s major stakes is to get a 360° vision of its suppliers. To do so, the Corporate Purchasing Department is using tools such as Per Angusta or Ecovadis. Buyers can have access to a maximum amount of data on the Per Angusta Suppliers module, for instance the Ecovadis rating, directly accessible within the platform.

« The interface between those two solutions allows our buyers to navigate on the two platforms, to obtain, depending on their needs, macro information or a more precise detailed element » says Julie.

As the Category Manager of the IT, Digital and Telecom for the LVMH Group, Julie’s missions are diversified: creating IT, digital and telecom group contracts for the different Houses, managing the supplier relationship, and finally leading internal communities. In this context, she is taking care of the IT buyers community, for whom she is regularly organizing meet up and suppliers meetings, to encourage best practices sharing and to ensure that the Group and all the Houses are working well together. Julie also participates in leading the IT community, where the aim is both to share success stories and difficulties, and to have an overview of the various projects.

As the Per Angusta administrator, Julie is also ensuring user adoption, by organizing meetings with several Houses, and involving Customer Success Managers to present the new features and evolutions of the solution. Julie has also created a user guide for buyers to translate internal rules into the platform.

« We really appreciate Per Angusta’s intuitiveness, which hardly requires any training – users find their way around quite easily. When I have a new user, all I have to do is to create an account and show him how to create a project, a contract and declare a saving » adds Julie.

In terms of Purchasing digitalization projects, Julie insists on the importance of getting started, going step by step by prioritizing one’s needs. According to her, the benefit of a progressive approach is to be able to start testing, and then imagine new use cases.

« My advice is to make buyers aware that Per Angusta is a very valuable tool for them. The different bricks are key to effectively demonstrate their added value: whether it is to highlight their projects through savings, but also through the tool’s other contributions such as the negotiation of the needs, the negotiation of contracts, on the financial part, quality or even on the customer’s satisfaction side » concludes Julie.


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