Meet the team | Edouard

28 April 2021

Meet the team | Edouard

The goal of these articles is to introduce the members of our team.
Here is Edouard Piron, Full Stack Developer Ruby on Rails at Per Angusta!

Let’s start with a quick Chinese portrait!

If you were a dish?
A chili pepper or any spicy food, the kind you eat without quite knowing why (and still you’ll have some more…).

A destination?
Somewhere lost on a mountain, any mountain. As long as I can feel a breeze on my face and hear the wind in the tress, I’m happy. I realize that opposes the chili pepper. That’s my dual side.

A famous character?
First, I still have time to become famous! But putting that possibility aside, I would say either Pierre-Joseph Proudhon for my trust in humankind and our self-management capacity, or Olympe de Gouges because I have a deep respect for people who make the world a better place.

A tool? 🛠
My nakiri knife. I use it daily since I enjoy cooking even more than I enjoy eating.

What’s your last impulse purchase?
Japanese etchings. I’ve wanted to embellish my walls with art for a while. I’m fascinated by medieval Japan (I’m a child of the 80’s) and the etchings provide a great sense of serenity.

What did you do before joining Per Angusta?

I was a developer in a smaller company that was building a brand new web application targeting design offices. Before I was a developer (from 2011 to 2018), I used to work as a project manager and then as Chief Financial Officer for different associations. It taught me to provide quality and readable work.

What is your current role within the Tech Team?

I am a fullstack developer, with a predominance for backend stuff (how it works under the hood). Like my coworkers, I take part in the design of new features, application maintenance, quality upgrades, etc. What I like the most is conception, performance enhancements, and testing.

Tell us about a project that you are particularly proud to have participated in Per Angusta?

Recently I’ve worked on the asynchronous load of tabs (for example, on a project page). With this feature, the page is built piece by piece instead of all at once. The first piece (the overview) is then displayed faster and other tabs are loaded in parallel. I am enthusiastic about this kind of work because it tends to improve fluidity and the user experience.

Why did you want to join Per Angusta?

In my “previous life” (before being a developer), I worked with professional applications on a daily basis. Thus, I wanted to join a company developing this kind of tool so that I could work on the features I’d been dreaming of. Obviously, there are many companies that offer this possibility. What I like about Per Angusta is the team (the whole is greater than the sum of the parts) and the continuous drive to provide quality.

Come on, you can tell us … 😉 is there something that you’re particularly proud of?

I have been boxing for years, but it’s been so long since I stopped that I don’t think it counts anymore. Maybe a rusty talent at best… I cook (veggie) every single day with local and seasonal products and I have a GitHub repository where I list my favorite recipes.