Meet the team | Valérie

13 November 2020

Meet the team | Valérie

The goal of these articles is to introduce the members of our team.
Here is Valérie Lacour, Chief Marketing Officer, who joined Per Angusta more than 3 years ago!

Let’s start with a quick Chinese portrait!

If you were a dish?
That’s very difficult to answer… too many options! It’s all a matter of seasons really! In summer, I would go for a fresh Thai salad with coriander, soy, crunchy vegetables and peanut chips. And for winter evenings, I’d say my mom’s lentils “petit sale,” which is a guaranteed winner.
But if I have to give an exact answer, I would say (without any hesitation), a cheese platter with a good glass of wine. Because there is no particular season for that, right? 🧀 🍷

A destination?
Definitely the Quebec Province due to my French-Canadian roots. A good part of my family still lives there. I spent most of my childhood vacations there, leaving me with lots of very good memories. My own “Proust madeleines” are the smell of the forest, flavor of roasted marshmallows in front of a fire by the lake, yummy maple syrup, and of course, the famous fresh corn on the cob. Honestly, French people have no clue about corn on the cob and they don’t know what they’re missing! It’s time French people learned corn its not only for chickens, right!
(By the way, I’m sure you understand now why it was hard for me to answer the previous question about my favorite dish… so many of my memories are related to food 😜)
And for those who want to discover a terrific place, I definitely recommend Lake Saccacomi. It’s the perfect place to let out some energy in a breathtaking setting! 🇨🇦

A famous character?
Well… Eminem for his flow, I wish I could rap like him!

A tool? 🛠
A microphone, of course! I’ve always enjoyed listening and interviewing others. It’s something I really appreciate about my job. And to confess something—during evening parties at friend’s house, I always find a way to grab a microphone, or even invent one with a remote control or wooden spoon (believe me, it makes the job of performing a character much easier). 🎤

What’s your last impulse purchase?
Do I really have to talk about it? Well okay…during, the first lockdown we got crazy with kids around and we decided to purchase a pool. Somehow, we ended up with a hole in the middle of our garden, which is still there 6 months later…without the pool. To make a long story short, we decided to stop the process and return the material because of a big misalignment between the supplier and the reseller’s vision. In fact, we had strong doubts about the quality of the product. It was an impulse purchase that never came to fruition!

What did you do before joining Per Angusta?

I held various positions in sales development, marketing, and partnership development in the wine and spirits industry — specifically for the Courvoisier and Martell cognac houses and more recently for Château Pape Clément wine. I have always valued international and multicultural settings. After that, I had the opportunity to join the consulting firm By.O Group (now a major partner of Per Angusta), where I worked for 10 years in various business development and marketing positions. Actually, this is where I discovered procurement.

What is your current role within the Marketing Team?

I am the CMO at Per Angusta. I am responsible for a wide variety of tasks, all of which I enjoy immensely. My role ranges from defining and implementing Per Angusta’s marketing strategy across different channels to ensuring we are positioned well for brand awareness and international growth. My leitmotif is that Per Angusta is well identified in the procurement digital market as the go-to choice for Procurement Performance Management. My team and I have a wonderful playground for accomplishing this, particularly by leveraging digital marketing, lead generation, growth actions, and social media promotion. Gathering feedback from our customer community is also an important and very exciting part of my job. Finally, I am also very invested in the development of our partners’ ecosystem, with whom we are leading various joint actions.

Tell us about a project that you are particularly proud to have participated in Per Angusta?

It’s been more than three years since I joined the company, and every six months I discover a new face of Per Angusta. When I started, we were just six. Today, we are more than 20 employees, and that continues to grow…we’re expanding very quickly! Rapid growth, international development, clients from diverse horizons — all that means that my missions and the projects I work on are constantly evolving. It’s challenging, but very exciting and stimulating.

One of the projects I particularly appreciate is the development and animation of the Users Club. Twice a year, we bring together our user community to enable them to share their feedback and their best practices in our platform. I love organizing these events, because it’s a project that mobilizes the different teams at Per Angusta: Customer Success, Product, Tech, and Sales. I appreciate this collaborative work because it’s enriching for everyone. And from a marketing perspective, it’s nice to find that one little thing that will make the difference in the eyes of attendees on event day. And finally, the cherry on the cake, is the opportunity for me to interact with our customers, to know more about their respective environments, and to measure the impact of the Per Angusta tool in their daily lives. It’s also a gold mine of information for marketing.

Why did you want to join Per Angusta?

It all happened during a meeting with Pierre, Per Angusta’s Founder and CEO and his team. To be honest, I didn’t intend to go back into purchasing and I had never worked for a software vendor before. When I discovered the platform, I immediately recognized the value of this tool for purchasing departments. The simplicity of the solution and its functionality was enough to convince me. And well, after spending a few years in the world of intellectual services, I wanted to get closer to a product, to be able to touch and promote the benefits of a digital solution. Finally, from a marketing perspective, everything needed to be built and I wanted to be part of a real collective adventure with an international element.

Come on, you can tell us … 😉 is there something that you’re particularly proud of?

Beyond my ability to easily imitate foreign accents, I’m not too bad at the moonwalk, but for that I need the right pair of sneakers.