Per Angusta and Darkbeam have signed a partnership

21 November 2019

Per Angusta and Darkbeam have signed a partnership

Per Angusta and Darkbeam allianced to expand risk visibility for procurement teams

Per Angusta and Darkbeam have partnered to help procurement professionals understand the cyber threats and vulnerabilities in their suppliers whilst reducing the level of digital risk in their supply chain. 

As supply chains become more complex, cyberattacks are becoming an important issue. Cybercriminals are increasingly infiltrating global companies via their smaller suppliers, as we saw with the recent state-sponsored cyberattacks on Airbus suppliers which led to unauthorised access to sensitive technical documents. 

For procurement professionals tasked with measuring suppliers’ security performance, ISO standards are no longer sufficient as they cannot keep up with the speed of changing cybercrime trends.  

Procurement teams using Per Angusta’s procurement performance management platform will now gain access to Darkbeam digital risk scores which summarise the cyber threats and level of risk exposure of their most vulnerable suppliers, making it easy to compare the security of suppliers in seconds. 

Per Angusta and Darkbeam: A word from Justin Leary and Pierre Laprée

«At Darkbeam, we are committed to helping procurement professionals understand their supply chain risks and protect their business,” says Justin Leary, Head of Intelligence. “By adding Darkbeam’s digital risk scores into the Per Angusta platform, we’re giving buyers a valuable new source of insight they can use to make purchasing decisions with confidence ».

« Procurement teams need better visibility into their suppliers’ security standards to identify the biggest threats in their supply chain” said Pierre Laprée, Per Angusta Founder. “We are thrilled to incorporate Darkbeam’s market-leading digital risk scores as part of our intuitive platform built for buyers, by buyers ».

Per Angusta puts procurement back at the heart of the company with its agile procurement performance management platform. Working with enterprise procurement professionals all over the world, Per Angusta helps teams to rapidly improve their accountability, collaboration and agility. Darkbeam is the leading specialist in digital risk data and supply chain cyber threats.

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