Per Angusta partners with Graphite

30 November 2021

Per Angusta partners with Graphite

Press Release: Per Angusta partners with Graphite, enabling end-to-end supplier management automation for procurement teams

Lyon/Lehi 21. September 2021 – Per Angusta and Graphite have partnered to extend holistic supplier management to procurement professionals, enabling end to end supplier management automation.

With the advent of digital and a global supply chain, supplier management has become increasingly complicated. Even simple aspects, like bank account data, are under attack with increasingly complex efforts to fraudulently change supplier bank data.

The COVID 19 global pandemic quickly expanded the focus of business continuity planning to include a much broader set of corporate suppliers. Increased global regulations related to data privacy, ethical sourcing, sustainability, modern slavery, etc., have overwhelmed procurement teams and corporate processes with delays, fragmentation, and silo’ed risk management solutions.

Successful procurement teams are moving beyond cost savings and simple project management to lead the corporate-wide supplier management initiative. This transition requires holistic supplier management technology, to guide risk and supplier management across the enterprise.

Teams using Per Angusta’s Procurement Performance Management platform can now gain access to Graphite’s holistic supplier management solutions. This integration will allow buyers to move seamlessly between Graphite and Per Angusta supplier profile records. By blending performance and risk management, procurement teams with Graphite and Per Angusta automation can move beyond paperwork and administration and make material reductions in supplier risk and improved supplier performance.

“At Graphite, we are committed to eliminating the friction that surrounds supplier onboarding, risk and relationship management. Too often, procurement teams are perceived as a roadblock or bottleneck in business. This unfortunate perception relegates procurement to a tactical and reactive process and fails to capitalize on the huge value available through strategic and holistic supplier management. Adding Per Angusta’s leading performance management platform further enables our Graphite client team success,” says Conrad Smith, CEO.

“By adding Graphite’s holistic supplier management into the Per Angusta platform, we’re giving buyers end-to-end automation, and the world’s first supplier management solution built on a network architecture. Procurement teams need improved automation and data quality to manage and improve supplier performance, said Pierre Laprée, Per Angusta CEO.
“We are thrilled to incorporate Graphite’s market-leading supplier management as part of our intuitive platform, built for buyers, by buyers.”

Per Angusta puts procurement back at the heart of the company, with its agile procurement performance management platform. Working with enterprise professionals all over the world, Per Angusta helps procurement teams rapidly improve their accountability, collaboration, and agility. Graphite is the leading specialist in holistic supplier management.

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