We’re very proud of you!

21 April 2020

We’re very proud of you!

The Covid-19 health crisis is pushing organizations, companies and their employees to deal with unprecedented situations. Mutual aid, solidarity and ingenuity punctuate the days of many of you.

So, congratulation to all of you, our customers, for the fantastic initiatives carried out in your respective fields!

We feel lucky, at Per Angusta, to support players from various industries and service companies; international groups, mid-caps or public organizations.

In these particular moments, we think it’s important to salute and underline the great initiatives taken by your organizations.
Obviously, this is far from being exhaustive (and sorry about it), but at least, it highlights some of these collective efforts which are both necessary and comforting in this crisis time.

To all of you, we salute your commitment and creativity, for the remarkable actions carried out and the energy you’ve deployed to provide sanitary equipment, or even to create products and services that are not part of your core business. It is impressive to see how quickly you have adapted your supply chain to find innovative solutions in order to retool, manufacture PPE supplies, get the products to the areas in need, and replenish these items all within the required safety standards.

For our clients in the Pharma, Luxury Goods, Cosmetics, Packaging and other industries, many of you put on hold your traditional activities in order to produce hydroalcoholic gel, masks, or to donate products and provide relief to medical staff and in some cases to patients.
👏👏 👏  Albéa, EssilorKeringGetingeGroupe RocherLVMH

The tourism industry that is severely impacted, especially airlines companies and hospitality, you are nevertheless mobilized to repatriate your compatriots, organize transportation of infected people, or even searching for accommodation solutions for the medical staff.  Same for you, the mobility, public transport or logistics players, who are obviously the essential links to operate the mutual aid chain at its full capacity.
👏👏 👏   Air FranceKLMAccorInterserveKeolisTransdevGefco …

We recognize the many retails or FMCGs companies who continue to be open and available providing essential supplies in a crisis that are going above and beyond. Some of you have even adapted or completely redesigned your distribution channels, simplifying the shopping experience. When others are providing products that allow health staff to protect themselves.
Finally, some of you do not hesitate to donate products, food for charities to relieve the most deprived people.
👏👏 👏 Adeo, Monoprix, Heineken, Sodiaal…

Obviously, we couldn’t end this message without expressing our deep support and encouragement to the teams working in hospitals. You, and of course, your brave colleagues, who are at the forefront to manage this unprecedented situation.
👏👏 👏  CHU de Montpellier, CHU de Grenoble, CHU Martinique, CHU Chalons, CHU – GHT Alpes Léman; CHU – GHT Clermont Ferrand. You rock !

Pride and respect are the words coming in all mouths about what you’re achieving.

More than ever, we are so proud to serve such a great community.

Thank you and take care! 💙