If Procurement Opportunities don’t knock, build a door

3 May 2016

If Procurement Opportunities don’t knock, build a door

At Per Angusta, we’ve been helping our users building their sourcing pipeline for many years now. Every time the process is the same.

  • Review contracts to renegotiate those which expire,
  • Review budgets with stakeholders and see where your can help
  • Put one more category under control or consolidate your supplier panel
  • Review spend data and set planning and savings targets

And then you’re set. You have your roadmap for the year.

Except that it never happens like that.

Besides the usual changes of scopes, new or cancelled projects, you constantly discover a world of opportunities to optimise spend : introduce a new supplier, consolidate services, reduce consumption, switch to a greener and cheaper alternative.

And there are 3 problems with this.

The throes of qualifying Procurement opportunities

First, buyers tend to forget about that or write it down on a post-it note.
The more organised maintain an Excel file.
If THAT is the current best practice, this tells you how bad the situation is.

Then, there is the problem of having the idea and refining it to see if this is feasible, how hard it is and the benefits you could obtain. Where can you do this, on your post-it note? You need a more robust, structured process.

Finally, there is no joint review or concertation with the rest of the team to decide whether or not this is an opportunity worth pursuing. And until someone hasn’t approved that opportunity, it doesn’t exist in the sourcing pipeline, you don’t have the resources to implement it… and it won’t bring any benefits to the organisation.

Enter Per Angusta Opportunities module

We have just released a new Opportunities module to address this need that nearly all of our customers and countless prospects have told us about.

Opportunities let you register a new idea with as little as a title. And no post-it.

You can then easily refine the potential, expected duration, ease of implementation.

And because sometimes Procurement Opportunities are better kept for yourself until you’re sure of the potential, you can mark opportunities as private so that no one else can see them until it’s ready for prime time… or at least arbitration.

All the opportunities are consolidated on a map showing in a very straightforward way what is worth pursuing depending on the pain/gain ratio, the impact on the P&L or any other factor.

Quick overview of where your opportunities will make an impact
Opportunity matrix let you easily say what opportunities are worth pursuing

The chosen ones can be promoted in 1-click to an actual project in the sourcing pipeline.

Promote opportunities to projects in the sourcing pipeline

Opportunities is released today and is available for free for our existing customers. Contact us to discover how you can better detect and arbitrate your opportunities with Per Angusta.