Procurement Performance Management Defined: A Best Practice Guide for the new decade

24 June 2020

Procurement Performance Management Defined: A Best Practice Guide for the new decade

Reinventing Procurement Performance Management

How can technology maximize the value potential of procurement providing a holistic view of activities and buyers’ performance?

Discover the ultimate guide that will help you manage your Procurement performance.

Find the keys to create value in purchasing projects and what are the benefits of adopting a Procurement Performance Management (PPM) mindset and solution:

  • Making a greater impact on the business with strategic sourcing
  • Improving the management of your procurement function
  • Boosting procurement team productivity
  • Measuring the progress of each project in real-time
  • Communicating the results to all your stakeholders
  • Demonstrate procurement’s true value to the business

In this book, find six key steps to get started with PPM in a simple, agile and effective way.

Download my “Procurement Performance Management Defined” Guidebook

This 14-page book answers all the essential questions about Managing Technology and PPM that were asked during the webinar organized with Art of Procurement titled: “From Isolated Zero to Enterprise Hero: Best practices for managing holistic procurement performance.

Pierre Laprée and Jason Treida shared their insights about:

  • The different stages of procurement maturity and their impact on performance measurement
  • The necessity to define the right metrics in terms of Procurement Performance Reporting
  • Setting up rituals to elevate the role of procurement
  • Tips on how to embrace the new technological landscape and to maximise opportunities with procurement software.

Access to the podcast here