Richard Nixon drives Per Angusta’s expansion to become a leading brand in United Kingdom and Nordics

16 March 2021

Richard Nixon drives Per Angusta’s expansion to become a leading brand in United Kingdom and Nordics

With a recent fundraising, Per Angusta is strengthening its international development. The mission of Richard Nixon, as Per Angusta Head of the United Kingdom and Nordics, is to enhance utilization of Per Angusta and brand awareness in this region.

In this interview Richard shares his background, his goals, and explains why Per Angusta will be successful in this market.

Richard, could you tell us a little bit about your background in Procurement and technology?

The first 10 years of my career were spent in the automotive industry: tight margins and 70% of turnover spent with suppliers made it a great place to learn about procurement. Learned so many important lessons; how to negotiate, how to work as part of a multi-functional team, and how to achieve results in a resource constrained environment.
That said, we did have an army of green screen people reporting on our performance. It was worth it, because it made a great contribution to the performance of the company.

I then moved into management consultancy and worked for 15 years in big four organisations, including a number of years as a KPMG Partner. I really enjoyed building a team, winning work and enjoying watching colleagues develop and grow their own careers. In 2000 I ran my first eAuction using a technology called B2eMarkets (the client was 3M and the category was pallets, in case you’re wondering). In 2012 I kicked off KPMG’s European relationship with Coupa.

Over the past few years I’ve worked with smaller consultancies and have loved the agility and flexibility and entrepreneurial nature of the environment.
I’ve also come to know a number of best of breed solutions such as MarketDojo.
I love seeing how technology can transform procurement’s role, contribution and performance – it’s a far cry from the start of my career when the fax machine was the most techy thing in the office.

Why did you decide to join Per Angusta?

I’ve never had the opportunity to work in a technology company, so it’s new and I’m learning a great deal. I really like the buzz of working in a human-scale, fast-growing organisation.
While the team is still growing the technology is already proven and has more than 17,000 users worldwide, so I know there’s a great opportunity and a great future for it.
Most of all I really like the people at Per Angusta – they’re great to work with. There’s a fabulous atmosphere and I’ve felt included from day one, even though I’ve yet to meet any of the team in person or visit the office in Lyon!

According to your experience, what makes Per Angusta unique within the Procurement digital landscape?

There are three things.

Firstly most of the end to end S2P solutions do not cover procurement performance to the level that today’s leading edge procurement organisations require, so Per Angusta covers a big gap in the technology landscape.

Secondly, what I really like is that the technology can be used independently, or it can integrate with other technologies.It can integrate with the big players in the market like SAP Ariba and Coupa, and best of breed solutions.
From my perspective a number of leading edge procurement thinkers are starting to look at their digital landscape and how they put together a winning technology combination to meet their needs.

Finally, Per Angusta is like the dashboard in a car: with S2P solutions and auction solutions you have a great engine, but no dashboard/cockpit. Many years ago my wife used to have a Mini.
It was a lovely car, she called it Molly and Molly was lovely except that its fuel gauge did not work. Maintaining the right fuel level required a good memory and ongoing concentration.
On occasions she did run out of fuel. To me some Procurement organisations are like this.
They spend their lives wrestling with Excel to try and create that dashboard, and by the time they’ve created it they realise they have run out of fuel.

For me Per Angusta covers this gap and creates a great platform for procurement to monitor and enhance its performance, its stakeholder collaboration and therefore the positioning of Procurement within the organisation.

What are your goals for the short term?

They are pretty straightforward; win and delight clients, so that we expand our footprint in the UK and Nordics.

I also want to build the brand that Per Angusta has in the marketplace – relatively few Procurement people in the UK know about us and what our solution does.
This will be coupled with building stronger relationships with our Partners, so that they and we can be more successful.

From a personal perspective I am really looking forward to learning new and valuable things about the Procurement technology market, and to adding to the success that Per Angusta has already had.

Why do you think Per Angusta will be successful in the UK and Nordics market?

In my consulting experience we would always ask three questions about targets:

  • Do they have a need?
  • Do we have a solution that meets that need?
  • Do they have a budget/can they afford to pay for the solution?

For the UK and Nordics I think that the answer for Per Angusta is a resounding yes.  I also think that the flexibility of the solution plays well to the market, where there is no single dominant ERP or procurement technology.
Leading edge Procurement teams now need and expect potential solutions to have the right degree of customisation and the ability to integrate with multiple platforms.

Going back to the car analogy, if you’re a CPO and you want your Procurement car to perform, the thing you look at to drive your focus and decision making is the dashboard, not the engine.
Per Angusta provides that potential, for the good and the great, to enhance your procurement performance and your relationships with the wider organisation.