June 17th Release

17 June 2015

June 17th Release

Today’s release brings only one new feature in Per Angusta: Saved Filters. This feature has a lot of important things under the hood to prepare for 2 important evolutions that we will tell you about in the coming weeks.

Saved filters

The highlight of today is for an oft-requested feature: the ability to save filters.

If you’re always applying the same filters when you look at the data, then you may find it a bit annoying to select all of the filters and then apply them.

Click to save your filter set

With “Saved filters” you can select all the parameters you want, click “Save these filters”, and name your set. You’re done!

Name your filters and save
Reapply a saved set of filters

For your next visit, you’ll be able to reapply all of the filters in just 1 click.

And as usual, we have made a few more minors fixes / adjustments.

You can contact the support (support@per-angusta.com) if you have any issue or have found a bug. Thank you!