SEPHORA selects PER ANGUSTA to manage its Indirect Spend Performance

25 January 2019

SEPHORA selects PER ANGUSTA to manage its Indirect Spend Performance

SEPHORA has decided to deploy the PER ANGUSTA solution to manage its indirect spend in Europe and in Middle East and facilitate the monitoring of its performance in connection with the Finance Department.

Main objective is to simplify and secure all data to be able to reinforce the value delivered by the Indirect Spend Management
In the course of its global strategy of consolidation and optimization of its Indirect Spend, SPEHORA EME (Europe Middle East) has decided to select and deploy the Per Angusta eProcurement solution, with an objective to structure its Project Management processes, to monitor its Performance, and to report its Purchasing activities.
After it was successfully tested by the buying teams, the Solution is positioned as a strong lever for the improvement of the purchasing communication within the group. Its main objective is to simplify, secure and centralise the purchasing data on a single platform, accessible to all to be able to share and spread the best practices

An open platform that strengthens the links and increases transparency with Finance
Since it is totally intuitive and easily deployed, Per Angusta will enable to accelerate direct exchanges with Finance and the other internal customers, thereby enriching the buyers’ capacity to respond to their needs and generate significant value in a transparent, sustainable and shared manner.

Unifying the purchasing community and deploying its strategy through a collaborative Solution
This approach will accelerate the extension of the coverage of the Indirect Spend organisation, with more mutualisation and sharing of best practices across the different countries. Moreover, Per Angusta will provide a more dynamic and collaborative management of the purchasing activities and strategies.

Pierre Laprée, President and Founder of Per Angusta:
« We are especially proud that we have been selected by SEPHORA. This is not only a new “Maison” that is now using Per Angusta within the LVMH group, but this means also a lot to confirm the value of our Solution for the Specialized Retail sector. All our teams are mobilized to transform this new platform into the Performance lever that Sephora expects. »

About Per Angusta
Per Angusta is a SaaS Procurement performance management software. It is built by buyers, for the buyers. Our solution is more robust and collaborative than Excel. Thus, you don’t need to waste time consolidating Excel files to track and report on your results anymore.
Per Angusta complements usual e-solutions (eProcurement, eSourcing) by filling a gap in their features and being faster to roll out, easier to use.

Per Angusta Media contact :
Valérie Lacour