Véronique Pons, Essilor’s Global Sourcing and Procurement Controller, shares her vision of Digital Purchasing

26 May 2020

Véronique Pons, Essilor’s Global Sourcing and Procurement Controller, shares her vision of Digital Purchasing

World leader in ophthalmic optics, the Essilor Group is a major player in the field of visual health, with an international purchasing organization of more than 300 buyers. A year ago, the group started a digitalization project aimed at unifying procedures and ensuring company-wide compliance. One of the main objectives was to bring spending under control across the group. 

In this context, the Per Angusta solution was selected in 2019 to manage the group savings as accurately as possible, and to have a common reference system with Finance.  

Dedicated to supporting this digital transformation, the Performance Controlling and Transformation team is working in collaboration with other departments such as IT, Finance and Legal. 

Véronique Pons, as the Global Sourcing and Procurement Controller, is also the administrator of the Per Angusta solution. More than a year after the implementation of the tool, Véronique shares her experience and good practices to ensure a sustainable adoption of digital procurement tools. 
The digital transformation project of the Purchasing department has two key objectives: 

  • The FAST, “Financial Analysis Saving Tool”, aims at managing the savings of all the Group subsidiaries as accurately as possible, thanks to the Per Angusta solution. The objective is to achieve 100% user adoption, to train new entrants in Purchasing and Finance, and to have an up-to-date and easily accessible repository. 
  • Ensure the Controlling of the whole Group spending: The objective is to cover 100% of the purchasing perimeter by ensuring compliance with the corporate rules. 

The Performance, Controlling and Transformation team is consisting of eight experts. Véronique’s assignments are varied and allow her to interact with multiple stakeholders, in particular with Purchasing and Finance, throughout the group. 

Véronique manages performance-related actions, such as benchmarks aimed at identifying and sharing best practices among the Group’s various plants. At the Controlling level, Véronique is in charge of monitoring expenditure and savings worldwide, as well as setting the budget of the Purchasing Department OPEX – all this in close relationship with Finance. 

As administrator of the Per Angusta solution since March 2019, Véronique has been monitoring the tool’s adherence and adoption at the Group’s various sites on a daily basis. According to her, one of the keys is to devote time and passion. 

 “First make sure that teams are mastering the tool, but most importantly, that they enjoy using it. The important thing is to guide users and help them as much as possible. You have to develop actual teaching skills, be creative, and test lots of ideas. I do not hesitate to rely on our good internal practices, and also get some inspiration from what is being done elsewhere. The Per Angusta Users Clubs are very useful, it allows me to learn from the experiences of other large groups.” says Véronique Pons

Among the various initiatives led to ensure users adoption at an international scale, Véronique highlights three actions that have strongly contributed to the success of the project

  • After a few months of using the platform, the identification and nomination of Champions in each zone. The interest being to rely on local referents who are sharing same time zone and issues as the users of the concerned zone. This local support makes it possible to highlight the qualities of certain people and to reduce the efforts at the central level. 
  • Animate the community on a regular basis through the setting up of a Newsletter for all users to keep a frequent link, share upgrades and give perspective on upcoming deadlines. 
  • One year after the launch, the implementation of a satisfaction survey to get everyone’s vision, to know how the adoption is going and to collect the needs and recommendations of the users’ community. 

If 2020 is dedicated to the foundation of the digital purchasing project, 2021 will be a pivotal year for Essilor. Indeed, since October 2018, Essilor and Luxottica have created EssilorLuxottica, which will take full flight in May 2021.  

While until now the two players have been working on creating synergies, the goal is to successfully integrate the two world leaders in ophthalmic optics and eyewear within a year.