We Can Help Solve Your Procurement Problems

Tired of time-consuming reporting?

Spending tedious hours customizing and analyzing spreadsheets?

Not valued for your real work in negotiated savings and improvement in services?

Fed up with last-minute demands from your internal customers?

Having to reconstruct all your negotiation file each and every time?

Tired of spending hours chasing information across multiple environments

How We Help

Designed to support your daily challenges

Per Angusta has been designed to support the daily challenges of a buyer. The platform gives you a centralized repository of accumulated knowledge, data and history. See your current or future impact on the bottom line in real-time at any moment.

Save valuable time and be valued for the insight

Easily examine cost and supplier eligibility from data derived from the operational management pipeline. Correlate it with spend analysis and ERP data to get richer insights. Save time and focus on converting sourcing opportunities to meet savings targets.

Engage positively with management stakeholders

Visualize every stage of your sourcing project. Engage relevant stakeholders or managers in specification needs, approvals on negotiations, projected savings or to follow project status. Contribute to realized savings and be valued for being accountable.

Make number crunching and spreadsheets a thing of the past

Do your job quickly and easily without a single spreadsheet. No training required and one workshop is all you need to get accustomed to the tool. Get to the essentials immediately.

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