Centralized Midmarket

The procurement function needs to be completely transparent and demonstrate the value it brings to the company beyond savings. Once established, procurement processes need to be standardized across all departments.

Your Issues as a Centralized Midmarket Business

Accurate information is not available or centralized according to your needs

Difficulty to demonstrate Procurement Performance

Unable to meet the needs of internal customers

Vulnerable, siloed Excel spreadsheets are used to manage Procurement

Most existing procurement solutions do not cater to midmarket specifics

Traditional procurement solutions are costly and the ROI is difficult to measure

Complex procurement solutions are not adopted by end users

Per Angusta’s Promise

Structured and centralized Strategic Sourcing management

Centralized and transparent processes that facilitate collaboration amongst departments and encourage the development of best practices

Rapid implementation and onboarding ensure an almost immediate return on investment — See the results in real time with our on-demand reports

Share procurement best practices across the department

Anticipate and capitalize on any sourcing opportunity at any point

Leverage one click integrations with the world’s leading procurement software vendors

Implementation occurs within days and onboarding completed within a couple hours

Build your best-of-breed procurement system over time around Per Angusta

“Per Angusta is so simple to use that it does not require any formal training! We have in-house expert users who master and promote the tool, and ensure its adoption is effortless.”

Julie Ramoneda
Digital & Telecom Purchasing Manager, LVMH

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