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Per Angusta has been a fantastic enabler of value creation within the Procurement function… I would recommend it for any CPO wishing to drive performance in a multi-country, multi-business unit, multi-category environment.

Anthony Petit
Group Chief Procurement Officer

Key Facts

Global healthcare provider primarily serving the Middle East and India

A healthcare network of 28 hospitals, 116 clinics, and 238 pharmacies

More than 20 million patients per year across seven countries


Showcase immediate organization-wide results

Adopt a scalable procurement solution that would serve the most pressing needs

Implement a procurement management roadmap

Develop a sourcing pipeline to gain greater savings visibility

Adopt a long-term digital procurement strategy


Per Angusta provides Aster DM Healthcare with greater efficiency and insight into buyers’ activities

Creation of a transparent sourcing pipeline and better visibility into project management tasks

Enhanced reporting and tracking features to monitor procurement successes

Implementation of common processes and widespread adoption of a single solution

Better recognition of procurement value by executive teams

USD Tens of millions in savings

Aster DM is a major healthcare provider servicing millions of patients in seven countries. With a health network that encompasses 28 hospitals, 116 clinics, and 238 pharmacies, Aster DM has always been committed to providing an excellent quality of treatment. The healthcare provider takes great pride in providing the best in healthcare by melding expertise with innovative technology. But, they don’t just want the latest tech, they want the best for the job.

As part of a digital transformation strategy intended to increase efficiency in a very decentralized environment, Aster DM Healthcare was seeking for elevating their procurement function. To help solving that problem, Aster DM Healthcares CPO turned towards Per Angusta.

An Innovative Solution for a CPO With a Vision

To aid their efforts in  providing a high standard of care, Aster DM Healthcare came to the conclusion there was a need for advanced procurement capabilities. This strategy ultimately led them to the appointment of Anthony Petit as CPO, tasking him with the mission of providing more procurement value and implementing the right software to support that initiative.

Anthony Petit undertook the assignment eagerly, aiming at developing a procurement roadmap that would scale up to meet both current and future goals. Common approaches involve a significant initial technology investment which can be lengthy and costly to implement. The new CPO understood that, in order to illustrate true value, he would need to show immediate results delivered by a lean procurement team.

Since the integration of the right technical solution was a strategic necessity, Anthony Petit turned towards Per Angusta to help delivering on his objectives.

An Agile Solution Showcases the Immediate Value of Procurement

Rather than adopting a large-scale P2P solution and waiting months to show results, Anthony Petit opted for Per Angusta. A SaaS solution for Procurement Performance Management (PPM), Per Angusta allowed Aster DM to focus on the strategic aspect of procurement before the transactional part. After an evaluation of other tools, Anthony Petit identified Per Angusta as the best tool to streamline processes, showcase successes in the first stages, and scale up for growth, helping their digital transformation process to progress successfully over time.

Per Angusta was implemented in a matter of days and buyers were onboarded in a single hands-on session with the solution. For a minimal cost investment, Anthony Petit was able to gain instantaneous results to show the value of procurement to top executives.

Per Angusta allowed Aster DM to:

  • Implement a visible sourcing pipeline and monitor project progress
  • Quickly adopt a tool to hit the ground running
  • Report on immediate successes to the business
  • Adopt a best-of-breed approach with instant benefits

Thanks to its sophistication whilst being user friendly, user adoption was instant. It thus enabled us to track performance and showcase our capabilities to our Chairman and our investors

commented Anthony Petit.

Short-Term Wins with a Long-Term Vision

Within a year of go-live with Per Angusta, Aster DM Healthcare is already enjoying its benefits. Their team have mobilized around a set of common processes and are sharing knowledge easily and seamlessly. In addition to showcasing the value of procurement for top management teams, they have successfully tracked 120 projects and have clearly defined the next steps in their roadmap.

Not only has this technology helped us foster collaboration between buyers and motivate us toward a common vision, but it has also helped our company to gain visibility into savings over the long run

says Anthony Petit.

Adopting Per Angusta has allowed Aster DM Healthcare to show the tremendous potential of a well-managed procurement strategy within a short period. Aster DM Healthcare continues to find value as they progress along their digital transformation journey.

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