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"We were looking for a user friendly solution with a minimum level of configuration, allowing us to scale quickly and deliver from Anywhere To Anywhere. The intuitiveness of the Per Angusta solution has been a catalyst of this speedy global implementation."

Gregory Lachas
Head Of Global Procurement, Imperial Brands

Key Facts

A dynamic FMCG company born out of a strong tobacco heritage

Tobacco brands sold around 160 markets worldwide

More than 30,000 employees

Purchasing volume: $1,16 billion spend Indirect / $743 million (Direct excluding tobacco)


Deliver the best value to the business in terms of compliance, efficiency and savings

Gain a more complete view of Spend Management

Replace the existing pipeline to increase capabilities and improve user experience

Develop a greater integration with sourcing

Better align Procurement with Finance and the budgeting cycle


Simplified procurement processes by embedding them into technology

Unified and standardized practices between Direct and Indirect Procurement

Gained a single source of the truth for all reporting activities

Enhanced Procurement Performance Management

Improved Spend Management visibility and control

Procurement Mandate: Deliver Maximum Value to the Business by 2025

Imperial Brands was born out of a strong tobacco heritage stretching back to the 1700s. Today, Imperial Brands PLC is a dynamic fast-moving consumer goods company (FMCG). Imperial Brands’ primary business goal is to transition from an extremely mature tobacco producer and seller to a completely new business. In that context, Imperial Brands is aiming to become more agile, simple, and low-cost.

In October 2013, the Procurement function was established at Imperial Brands. The initial objective was to manage the responsibility of all third-party spend, excluding Leaf. Today, the team is spread across the world to cover both direct and indirect spend as well as capital projects, operations and logistics.

In July 2019, the group launched a new 2025 Global Procurement Strategy designed to deliver maximum value to the business by ensuring Procurement focuses on the right outcomes and brings strong quality service to all stakeholders. To deliver on the 2025 strategy, the team selected Per Angusta to better manage pipeline activity, project visibility, and stakeholder alignment to projects

  • Gain a more complete view of Spend Management
  • Manage and triage the demand to ensure that upfront work can manage its costs of service
  • Significantly increase the level of user experience and adoption
  • Ensure a greater integration between Pipeline and Sourcing activities

“We had enough confidence because of our strong foundational work for requirements gathering. It was easier for us to look beyond the top-right quadrant providers and select providers who could match our specific needs and ideal outcomes. I am happy that our approach enabled us to gain the greatest value. We have quickly and successfully simplified our procurement processes and embedded them into the Per Angusta solution.”

Ciaran Owens, Head of Global Procurement Excellence, Imperial Brands.

A Speedy Implementation to Vastly Improve Procurement Performance Management

From start to finish, the whole project was a quick turnaround being fully done remotely. The project started internally in July 2019, when a working group performed a deep review of process and technology adoption across global Procurement. Those insights influenced clear design principles and implementation requirements. Per Angusta was nominated end of November 2019 and went live by early January  .The core group of four team members managed the project with Per Angusta’s customer success team. The entire project team was backed with a strong matter of trust from the Chief Procurement Officer, Gregory Lachas.

Within Per Angusta, the Pipeline feature received positive feedback and quick adoption. Everyone knew the success or failure would be based on how well Per Angusta was received by the user community. Because of the thoughtful planning and attention to user experience, the team has been impressed with the flexibility, agility, and capacity to quickly make changes or new configurations. Per Angusta is also easily self-maintained.

“Through a strong partnership with Per Angusta customer success team, we had the confidence to proceed with the remote set-up. This prevented us from spending long interactions face-to-face. Instead, we worked digitally to accelerate the configuration. The virtual implementation was achievable and valuable to everyone involved.”

Ciaran Owens, Head of Global Procurement Excellence, Imperial Brands.

Unanimous Adoption Eases the Work of Procurement, Legal, and Finance

Now, Procurement is comfortable and confident in what they are working on and presenting. The team gained a single source of truth for reporting all activities and unifying both indirect and direct practices. Data is easily accessible in a commonplace, which reduces manual work searching, sharing, and following up on data for key projects.

User adoption has been successful and unanimous because Per Angusta is extremely user-friendly. Within four months of going live, the number of active users in Per Angusta has doubled. Today, more than 150 buyers are using the tool for daily operations. In addition, there are contributors from key stakeholders in other departments, including finance approvals.

“Everyone is really satisfied with Per Angusta, especially gaining a true Pipeline Solution compared to our previous solution. The entire integration between Opportunity, Pipeline, Savings and Contracts is valuable. With Per Angusta, we have the right technology to add value to the business – having the right data and the right engagement helps us enhance how people see Global Procurement.”

Ciaran Owens, Head of Global Procurement Excellence, Imperial Brands.

Another added benefit of Per Angusta in the contract management capabilities, helping the previously decentralised approach to join a common shared platfrom. The IT Group is impressed with how the global Procurement function has helped enhance contract management for buy-side contracts. Finance, IT, Legal and Procurement work together to improve governance and audit efforts thanks to the collaborative nature of Per Angusta. This new engagement will double contributors using the solution over the coming months.

Moving forward, Procurement is ambitious about developing increased interactions with Finance through Per Angusta. The goal is to build a strong database that aligns Procurement with budgeting to enhance the Financial planning process.

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