We chose Per Angusta for its simplicity, flexibility and its suitability to our needs. The Procurement function will thus strengthen its visibility and efficiency both internally and externally.

Mélanie Collin
Procurement Manager

Key Facts

Public player in the French audiovisual sector

950 employees

52,000 hours of programs accessible in SVOD

22 Peta Bytes of data archived in data center

39.4 million in revenues in 2018

21 million hours of TV and radio


Manage all Procurement teams and projects

Have a real-time reporting system

Provide quarterly spending mapping

Created in 1975, INA is a public industrial and commercial establishment under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture.
INA has the following main missions:

  • Preserve and enhance the French national audiovisual heritage
  • Produce audiovisual works and documents
  • Provide initial and continuing training
  • Conduct research activities

In 1995, missions were added such as the implementation and management of the Legal Deposit of television, radio and the Web relating to audiovisual communication.

As part of its digital transformation, INA’s Purchasing Department has initiated various projects, including the implementation of electronic signatures and the dematerialization of the public order processing chain.

In order to structure the Procurement function, and maintain the digitalisation dynamic, INA decided to acquire a solution dedicated to the management of all Procurement projects.

INA selected the Per Angusta solution, because of its ease of use and important track records in both public and private environments. With the acquisition of Per Angusta, the team of ten people is now able to monitor and manage all projects, accessing real-time reporting and a map of quarterly and annual spending.

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