Per Angusta -

A real backbone for the Procurement process, Per Angusta links different departments together, aligning all the players in the company around the same business process, all of which are centered around the search for performance.

Rémi Barussaud
Industrial Purchasing Manager, RATP Dev

  • Key facts
  • World leader in automatic subway and tramway systems
  • 107 subsidiaries in 13 countries
  • 1.5 billion passengers per year
  • 20,000 collaborators
  • Transportation systems in more than 470 cities

RATP Dev is the world leader in automatic subway and tramway systems. The company is a subsidiary of the RATP group created in 2002. The company’s primary objective involves developing their operation and maintenance offerings for urban and interurban transport networks outside the “historic” RATP network in the Paris region, expanding their services into new markets.
Today, RATP Dev is developing its expertise in 13 countries, and seeks to continuously improve the passenger experience, enabling a much smoother commute.

Today, RATP Dev has 20,000 collaborators who support passengers around the world on a daily basis, helping them choose the most suitable means of transport.

For several years, RATP Dev has been committed to continually improving its internal processes. In 2018, they decided to improve their Procurement practices and use performance as a key lever within the industrial department. The consulting firm Quaternaire advised them throughout the process to build a framework for this mission. From their collective work, it was determined that RATP Dev should adopt Per Angusta, a Procurement Performance Management Solution.

The Per Angusta solution allows us to better track and quantify all purchasing actions with an increased ability to identify, for example, the savings made on an action” adds Alexia Cadiou, Chief Financial Officer.

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