"The Procurement Performance Management Solution, Per Angusta, is the backbone of our digital roadmap. Through its reporting, collaboration and visibility capabilities, Per Angusta is the perfect solution for Technicolor Purchasing Department."

Cédric Le Savéant
VP, Group Sourcing & Procurement - Technicolor

Key Facts

World leader in creative technologies for the media industry

3 billion Euros in revenue by 2020

More than 17,000 employees

Founded in 1883

Technicolor SA is a French company specializing in the design and manufacture of digital video and imaging systems for media professionals. They provide products for film producers and television channels, as well as network operators and other content distributors.

Technicolor unites industry-leading artistry with cutting-edge technology and innovation to unleash extraordinary experiences for audiences everywhere.

The group is on track to achieve the €115 million cost savings planned for 2021, with €42 million in cost savings realized in the first half. The organization is also set to deliver a cumulative €325 million by the end of 2022.

From full suite to an evolving digital strategy

For many years, digitalization has been one of the major levers at Technicolor that contributes to the operational excellence of the group. The procurement department has a long history of using purchasing tools, including the deployment of large traditional suites over the last ten years among other dedicated solutions.

The digital landscape is facing a real revolution, with new players shaking up market sectors. With so many more options available for modern procurement teams, Technicolor recently decided to rethink the foundations of its digital strategy, particularly with regard to Source To Contract (S2C).

Today, the need for continuity and homogeneity is confirmed for the P2P process, but not for S2C. For sourcing purposes, rather than being constrained to a single, rigid process, purchasing teams need the flexibility to use tools according to their needs and the evolution of the procurement organization

says Cédric Le Savéant, Technicolor’s Group Purchasing Director.

Full suites occassionally show their limitations, especially with regards to modules that are sometimes insufficient in terms of performance and user experience.

For these reasons, Cédric Le Savéant adopted a best-of-breed approach to upgrade their S2C tools.

Managing procurement activites as backbone of Technicolor’s Digital strategy

For Technicolor Group, the key dimension of Strategic Sourcing is now Project management. The second major axis of our digital strategy is user experience – which is fundamental to guarantee adoption and ensure scalability

says Cédric Le Savéant.

According to this Purchasing Director, functional depth is no longer the main criteria to select solutions. He adds that the ability to integrate tools and the accessibility of data are core in Technicolor’s digital strategy.

In this “best of breed” approach, Per Angusta’s Purchasing Performance Management (PPM) solution naturally appeared fundamental. It is the “backbone” that will guarantee both flexibility and scalability we are looking for in the purchasing tools that support us

confides Cédric Le Savéant.

Beyond the possible integration with other tools, the purpose of the PPM platform at Technicolor is also, as a spinal column, to feed the brain, being the management and general management.

Today, the solution’s objectives are to allow purchasing to access all information, to engage with all internal customers, and also to consolidate essential data, synthesize it and then present it to decision-makers. It is through its reporting, collaboration and visibility capabilities on Procurement Performance that Per Angusta has become THE reference solution for today and tomorrow.

Fitting the needs of Procurement pros

After a project phase of less than 4 weeks, the Per Angusta platform replaced the initial tool for performance management and savings tracking, while being linked with the other tools already in place.

Deployment was easy and fast. The procurement background of Per Angusta’s staff, in particular the project manager, was essential and made all the difference on this project

underlines Cédric Le Savéant.

As a solution “made by buyers for buyers”, Per Angusta focused on the expectations of Technicolor’s buyers, making sure that they spoke the same language, facilitating the connection with users, and finally being  proactive with continuous suggestion throughout the project.

Compared to other projects, this was done very naturally and simply. The quality of every interaction and ease communication, in addition to real procurement expertise from the Per Angusta team allowed us all to save time and energy and to create trust

concludes Cédric Le Savéant.


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