Contracts Management Integrated with Procurement Performance

Go Beyond a Contracts Repository. Generate Greater Value With Clear Insights.

When you can directly connect your contracting with procurement performance, it’s possible to leverage contracting insights to further elevate the value you deliver. With Per Angusta, you not only access contracts in one unified place, but you also gain a way to proactively identify contracting opportunities and drive transparent reporting.


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Contracting Insights to Raise Procurement’s Value

Contract management tools working as stand-alone solutions or part of a larger source-to-contract suite certainly provide sufficient functionality as contract repositories – but they don’t do much, if at all, to help tell the story of procurement performance overall or provide the right actionable information to further enhance that performance.

Per Angusta can not only serve as your contracts repository, or integrate data from your existing contracts tool, but then take that solution further to help you identify new value-generating opportunities and better report on results.

Key Features of Our Contracts Solution

We give you and your stakeholders an easy-to-use, actionable view of your Contracts to proactively and collaboratively find and create more value.

Use as a standalone contracts tool, or integrate with your existing contracts management app, or S2P/S2C suite.

Give stakeholders access to relevant contracts. Strategically collaborate using a unified view of contract insights of up to 5 years and grouped by your category definitions.

View multiple contracts within a category, to see if there is opportunity for consolidation and cost control across similar spends.

Get alerted to soon-to-expire contracts, letting you immediately create a new sourcing event for review and approval.

Provide full text search of contracts, including of scanned PDFs that are uploaded.

Enable contract e-signature capabilities thanks to easy integration.

“All the contracts signed by the Procurement community are now available in Per Angusta, which enables us to manage all our projects in coordination with our internal stakeholders, and guarantee the recognition of our purchasing teams’ performance.”

Thomas Burtey
Direct Sourcing Director & Strategic Purchasing Projects, Transdev

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