Decentralized Midmarket

Structured processes are often non-existent for decentralized midsize businesses. Procurement tends to be managed through siloed and unsecure Excel spreadsheets. This prevents collaboration and does not enable users to see all of the information associated with a project.

Your Issues as a Decentralized Midmarket Business

Difficulty engaging all business units, departments or countries on a common project

Need for a global view of activities based on global or local perimeters

Lack of collaboration among the buying team

Complex reporting that mixes multiple dimensions

Standard procurement solutions are only adapted for a big-bang approach

Per Angusta’s Promise

Lightweight, effortless adoption Procurement software

A lightweight SaaS platform that is incredibly easy for essential day-to-day Source-to-Contract management

Implementation takes a matter of days and onboarding can be completed in a couple of hours

Build your best-of-breed procurement system over time around Per Angusta

No IT interventions or support required

Leverage one click integrations with the world’s leading procurement software vendors

“Per Angusta is so simple to use that it does not require any formal training! We have in-house expert users who master and promote the tool, and ensure its adoption is effortless.”

Julie Ramoneda
Digital & Telecom Purchasing Manager, LVMH

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