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Created and Supported by Procurement Professionals, for Procurement Professionals

A great procurement solution should include ease and speed in deployment, adoption, and flexibility. Your team shouldn’t be disrupted just to get a new tool implemented – their time is too valuable and better spent on strategic supplier initiatives. Per Angusta understands your needs and rapidly gives you an effective performance management hub that will fit in your environment while advancing your practices.


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Our Team Helps You Achieve Speed, Adoption, Best Practices, and Strong ROI

Teams often consider whether they can build their own procurement tracking and performance management solution or further configure existing tools to deliver the functionality needed. That can be a significant drain of resources and put pressure on team members who do not have a background in procurement digital solution design. It also requires a plan to handle ongoing user training and support, enhancement requests, integration, and IT security and hosting.

Per Angusta is 100% focused on delivering an enterprise-grade procurement performance management platform, spanning 10+ years and 130+ customers. We handle all the supportive needs associated with deploying and maintaining this type of solution.

Key Features of Our Implementation, Integration and Support Services

With our PPM solution, you can expect to rapidly advance the best practices and maturity of your procurement work at scale, guided by an appropriate solution that’s easy to adopt.

Purpose-built for procurement, by procurement experts – intentional in design.

A cloud-based, no-code solution that can go live in weeks, not months.

Configurable to align with the way you work. Define your spend categories, pipeline stages, action types, workflow triggers, and more.

Minimal user training to get started. We handle all the documentation and on-boarding.

Deploy stand-alone if desired, even prior to a S2C or S2P implementation to help prioritize future transformation priorities.

API allows for easy integration with S2P system(s) or other apps.30+ available integrations and growing.

Support team handles your users’ help requests, tech issues, and app status communication.

Customer success team is dedicated to your long-term ROI, goal achievement, and value extension.

New product enhancements are automatically pushed out to all customers.

Per Angusta’s Integration Capabilities

Per Angusta can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or easily and quickly integrated as desired with your existing procuretech digital landscape, thanks to our very versatile API.

You don’t need to choose between speed of implementation and scope. We give you the flexibility to implement based on your needs and goals today, with the possibilities to expand or change in the future as your organization matures and evolves.

“As the Per Angusta team has a background in procurement, it was like talking to experts who spoke our language, understood our real-life business challenges and matched the system exactly to our operating environment. The value of having an experienced procurement team creating a software solution must not be underestimated.”

Nicola Molloy
Head of Group Procurement, FirstGroup

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