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We Can Help Solve Your Procurement Problems

Already tight on resources?

Can’t afford to spend months integrating another technology?

Can’t waste precious time trying to resolve security or user issues?

How We Help

Sleep easy with a lightweight, non-intrusive platform

Per Angusta works well within any enterprise infrastructure. As a full SaaS solution, it does not require any specific IT equipment or configuration.

Let non-tech users deploy and operate on their own

End-users can be onboarded in a couple of hours. Administrative controls to personalize certain fields and functionalities are easy to use

Rest easy with cloud security standards and data integrity

Hosted on industry verified cloud infrastructure, Per Angusta respects global standards for secure and protected data. We connect with leading Single sign-on (SSO) solutions so you need to only login once and we safeguard your procurement data.

Preserve your IT investments

Per Angusta is made to work alongside other Source-to-Contract tools. Integrate with spend analytics, e-sourcing, SRM, or in-house ERP systems as needed.

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