Large Enterprise

Large enterprises deal with procurement operations that are spread out throughout their organizations. They handle spend volumes of hundreds of millions to billions of euros every year in direct and indirect procurement. This can add up to 60% of their revenue.

Your Issues as a Large Enterprise

Strategic Sourcing capabilities are disconnected

Siloed, unreliable Excel spreadsheets are used to manage Procurement

Insufficient contract compliance

Lack of communication regarding corporate supplier conditions

Full Procurement suites are expensive and imply lengthy change processes

Per Angusta’s Promise

Up Procurement’s game with top management

A lightweight SaaS platform that is incredibly easy for essential day-to-day Source-to-Contract management

Indisputable proof of the procurement team’s value to the organization

Implementation within days and onboarding within hours

Real-time savings forecasts that are understandable for all stakeholders

An exhaustive pipeline of sourcing opportunities

Frictionless integration with existing (or future) procurement tools and software

Transparent progression of sourcing projects to ensure accountability and collaboration

“Per Angusta is so simple to use that it does not require any formal training! We have in-house expert users who master and promote the tool, and ensure its adoption is effortless.”

Julie Ramoneda
Digital & Telecom Purchasing Manager, LVMH

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