NIMA Forum: Procurement 4.0, Oslo – Per Angusta is part of it!

November 6, 2018

NIMA Forum: Procurement 4.0, Oslo – Per Angusta is part of it!

In collaboration with Deloitte, The NIMA – Norwegian Procurement Association organizes its annual forum dedicated to “Procurement 4.0” next November 6th in Oslo. The main topics will be procurement digitization and future competence. Pierre Laprée, Founder of Per Angusta, SaaS based procurement performance management solution, is one of the key speakers of the day.

The forum will provide an insight into the competence, skills and tools required to prepare and optimize procurement. According to Deloitte’s CPO survey 2018, more than half of procurement managers answer that their team does not have the necessary skills to deliver according to the procurement strategy. At the same time, the report shows that digital transformation is inevitable, and that high performing organizations are taking advantage of the adoption of new technologies.

Pierre Laprée, Founder of Per Angusta, will share insights on Procurement Digitization and how much people matter in this process:

  • What expectations and aspirations procurement function should have for digitization
  • What are the key success factors to efficiently run Procurement Digitization

Speakers and Conference Topics

Tone Fintland, President of NIMA

Rémy De Lavergne, Purchasing Consultant

Hugues Poissonnier, Associate Professor, Grenoble Ecole de Management “The Lavergne Procurement Matrix – a Managerial and Educational Tool for Education and Companies”

Pierre Lapree, Founder, Per Angusta Approaching Procurement Digitization: Start with People

Alexander V. Nedelchev, Partner, Strategy & Operations, Deloitte CH Success stories, insight and thoughts around Procurement 4.0

Elin Hauge, Vice President, Cognitive Services, EVRY How digitization will affect the buyer’s role Jeanette Louise Rønning, Head Emerging Tech, EVRY Recruitment through games and robots

Geir Isene, Innovation Manager, Dualog Innovation Garage Digitalization of global value chains in shipping, and about collaborating in virtual teams

Duncan Brock, FCIPS Chartered, Group Director, Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply The Future of the Procurement Profession: How will new technologies change our roles? What will happen to supply markets? What skills will we need in the future environment?