Webinar | Get your Spend & Procurement Team in Shape for Summer

July 9, 2020

Webinar | Get your Spend & Procurement Team in Shape for Summer

Summer is here and we want to share how to get your procurement organization in shape!

Join Romain Rousseau, Axbility Consulting Director, Pierre Laprée, CEO-Founder of the Per Angusta and their special guests Jordan Jansen and Eric Germa for this webinar.

These two former CPOs and expert purchasing practitioners will share their insights on how to get Spend & Procurement Teams in shape for summer.

Jordan was Procurement Executive at Deutsche Bank, CPO of Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino and more recently the CPO of Savers. Eric, Managing Director at GermaCorp., was former SVP Strategic Procurement at Macy’s and Procurement Executive at HP and GAP.

Learn insights from their experiences and tips regarding People, Process, and Technology. 

A few of the topics will include:

  • How to (re)engage with your stakeholders – business?
  • How to ensure trust and tight alignment with finance?
  • Is your data clean and ready to support your budgeting/planning process?
  • Is your team prepared in terms of skills, training, mood, engagement?
  • How to build the roadmap?
  • How to monitor execution and keep everyone engaged?

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