Our Engineering Team

Meet the Per Angusta's Tech Team!

An enthusiastic team of engineers, committed to the success and expansion of Per Angusta.

Jean-Michel, Head of Tech
Jean-Michel Gigault

Head of Tech

33 yo.
Joined in 2015.
Self taught programmer since youth and alumni of 42.

Gabriel, Lead Developer
Gabriel Terrien

Lead Developer

39 yo.
Joined in 2018.
Self taught programmer since youth, and graduated as IT project manager from Isitech.

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Marine, Product Owner
Marine Iuso

Product Owner

32 yo.
Joined in 2020.
Graduated from UTC + HEC in 2014, and more recently completed Jedha's data bootcamp.

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Thomas, UX/UI Designer
Thomas Mordin

UX/UI Designer

33 yo.
Joined in 2019.
Graduated with MMI license in 2009 and alumni of Le Laptop UX training.

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Marion, Full-Stack developer
Marion Craipeau


31 yo.
Joined in 2017.
Graduated with license degree in IT.

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Frantiลกek, Full-Stack developer
Frantiลกek Rokลฏsek


27 yo.
Joined in 2019.
Former project manager, graduated from Le Wagon's bootcamp in 2018.

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Yann, Backend developer
Yann Legendre


30 yo.
Joined in 2020.
Graduated from INSA Lyon in 2013 and Le Wagon's bootcamp in 2019.

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Edouard, Backend developer
Edouard Piron


33 yo.
Joined in 2021.
Graduated from Le Wagon's bootcamp in 2018.

We are a team of passionate, bold and authentic team players, committed to our company's values.

Our Technologies

We love Ruby on Rails, we love our Majestic Monolith.

Our Development Process

Our commitment to quality involves a strong project cycle.

Each change made to our platform is reviewed by two different pairs of engineers, triggering 32,000 tests throughout our continuous integration process.

Therefore, we have the capacity to develop proof of concepts
and quickly bring them to the clients with little risks.

We have well-established routines, with an agile team that is ready to work remotely or at the office.

  • Stand Up


  • PO Weekly

  • Demo Day

  • Tech Team Session

Every morning, we meet as a team and present individual challenges to collaborate and problem solve together. We also use this opportunity to network.

Our Code of Conduct

The Zen of Per Angusta, our guiding principles.

  • Be rigorous and review by yourself before asking
  • Follow the best practices for Rails and Web
  • Be pragmatic, do not over engineer
  • Design for security and reliability first
  • Always code with your customer in mind
  • Act as a team, ask for help, and assist each other
Ruby Programming Language

Our Challenges

Our company is actively growing and globalizing,
and we look forward to rising to the challenges brought on by this expansion:

Increasing the quality and security level in our platform.
Building new features and continuing to innovate for procurement.
Hiring new talents and building a more efficient tech team.
Scaling up our infrastructure to efficiently host our clients.

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Our Tech Blog

Our passion for web development
has led to the creation of a Tech Blog.

Tech Blog of Per Angusta

Access inspired articles about web development, team organization, security concerns, and much more on our tech blog The Committed Engineers.


We maintain a strong link with the Ruby community.

Participate with us in local events organized by
the Ruby community Lyon.rb, and sponsored by Per Angusta.

Gabriel, Frantiลกek, Jean-Michel, and our former colleagues Franรงois and Halil, have presented a few topics. Watch the presentations on our Youtube channel of Lyon.rb!

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Join us!

Join an enthusiastic team of engineers working with Ruby on Rails and committed to a fast-growing company innovating for Procurement.