Procurement Challenges in the Digital Age

Your industry is being transformed by globalization and is facing new risks. You need to manage a team of motivated buyers and ensure they collaborate with one another effectively. You must work more closely than ever before with stakeholders throughout the company and demonstrate your impact on the business.

We Get It

Traditional procurement suites just aren’t working for you. Historically, Source-to-Contract (S2C) procurement software vendors have imposed a rigid four-step workflow on procurement teams. Nobody likes to be put in a box.

Spend Analytics

Contract Lifecycle Management

Supplier Relationship Management


This Limited Workflow is Not Grounded in Today’s Reality. We’re Guessing…

Your team works in silos, preventing agility and collaboration.

You have difficulty prioritizing and distributing sourcing projects among your team based on objective metrics.

You cannot accurately forecast — much less re-forecast — future savings.

You are struggling to re-prioritize your team’s vendor sourcing and contracting work based on unexpected market signals.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Unlocking the True Potential of Procurement Power

To meet today’s procurement challenges, you must invest in a new type of lightweight software.

Inspired by CRM Software

Sales teams generate top-line revenue thanks to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. CRM processes are structured around the notion of a Sales Pipeline. Procurement teams must now work together around an equivalent Sourcing Pipeline:

Constantly prioritize and track sourcing projects individually and as a team

Set clear objectives for your team

Empower your team to take ownership of sourcing projects and to progress them in a transparent manner

Your team needs the most exhaustive set of new sourcing “opportunities” possible at all times — business stakeholder’ requests, contract expiries, etc

Sum up future expected contracted savings in an intuitive pipeline view

See “sourcing pipeline bottlenecks” and reassign projects

Designed for Real Procurement Professionals

Your need software that responds to the realities of your, and your team’s, daily life.

Reshuffle priorities based on factors such as business demands

Gain alignment on objectives with Finance and business stakeholders

Communicate your impact on company bottom line to all stakeholders

Foundation for Step-by-Step Procurement Digitization

You need a solution that serves as the conerstone of your digitization strategy

Covers your essential Source-to-Contract needs while integrating easily with other procurement solutions when you’re ready

Interfaces with the worlds’s leading independent sourcing and finance software solutions

Supports progressive assembly of your tailored Strategic Sourcing system composed of your choice of best-in-class software solutions

Welcome to the New World of Procurement

No more laborious spreadsheets

No more unvalued data crunching

No more tedious reporting

No more questionable numbers


Agile Procurement Performance Management

By organizing Strategic Sourcing processes into an intuitive collaborative Sourcing Pipeline, procurement teams forecast future savings with precision, reliably communicate their impact on the business, and boost share of spend covered by approved contracts.

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