Agile Procurement Performance Management

Be a Bottom-line Hero

The Procurement Performance Management Software, Per Angusta, enables procurement teams to drastically increase agility and productivity — all while managing and sharing their performance with stakeholders in all simplicity.

By organizing Strategic Sourcing processes into an intuitive Sourcing Pipeline, procurement teams forecast future savings with precision, reliably communicate their impact on the business, and boost share of spend covered by approved contracts.

Agile Procurement Performance Management

01. Identify

Identify all possible opportunities to reduce spend, cut risk, and boost vendor quality. Be alerted to contract expiry dates, business teams’ demands and external market events, such as potential risks with your existing suppliers — to name a few!

02. Prioritise

Prioritize sourcing projects in your Sourcing Pipeline based on criteria such as value and risk. Your team knows exactly what to do and what they need to work on next. Effortlessly reshuffle priorities when necessary.

03. Forecast

Produce a reliable forecast of contracted savings for each sourcing project. Continuously re-forecast as sourcing projects progress along the Sourcing Pipeline. In addition to qualitative benefits, enjoy a trusted pipeline figure that provides the total expected contracted savings your team is committing to delivering within specific future milestones (quarter, fiscal close).

04. Collaborate

Complete transparency in the Sourcing Pipeline facilitates agile management and collaboration, and speeds realization of savings and completion of projects.

Anticipate bottlenecks. Re-prioritize effortlessly. Greater agility also means you are better able to answer business stakeholders’ requests.

05. Measure

Measure progress in meeting your procurement goals. Be alerted to events and bottlenecks that threaten your team’s performance. Get indisputable figures to demonstrate Procurement’s contribution to the business.

06. Communicate

Share clear progress reports with all stakeholders. Demonstrate to other departments the impact you are having on their business in terms of reduced risk, better vendor quality and lower spend. Stop being seen as the spend police but as a strategic business function.

“Per Angusta is so simple to use that it does not require any formal training! We have in-house expert users who master and promote the tool, and ensure its adoption is effortless.”

Julie Ramoneda
Digital & Telecom Purchasing Manager, LVMH

Speed Your Way to Procurement Performance

Per Angusta covers your essential Source-to-Contract needs in an intuitive interface — all while enabling you to manage and share your performance with stakeholders in all simplicity.


Build and Track your Procurement Activities

Register opportunities and projects in your sourcing pipeline, set savings targets and track their progress. Identifying, assessing and prioritizing savings opportunities has never been easier.

Savings & Value

Measure and Approve Procurement Performance

Track the results of projects, record their savings and other qualitative benefits. Ensure that Savings Tracking is under control and Procurement Performance recognized and auditable.


Keep up to Date With Contracts

Proactively manage your contractual deadlines through scheduled alerts, identify further consolidation opportunities and keep all signed contracts in one place.


Share Indisputable Reports

View built-in or custom reports for different modules’ data. Generate procurement performance reports to share with Finance and other stakeholders.

Supplier’s Hub

Centralize Supplier Data

Centralize all the key information relating to your suppliers in one place, whether it is stored in Per Angusta or in a third-party system. No more chasing information!


Detect opportunities

Discover New Value Together
Have a central collaborative place to identify, assess, and approve new value-driving projects, using data from spend analytics, contracts, and more.

Lightweight Procurement Solution Built for Buyers, By Buyers

Per Angusta is designed around the daily operations of procurement teams.

Painless implementation & onboarding

Implementing the platform takes as little as a few days. Onboarding can be completed in a matter of hours.

Ever-evolving SaaS platform

We listen to our users’ feedback! We regularly add new features and improvements to the platform to benefit all customers. These updates are added on the fly — no versioning — simply log into the platform and see what’s new!

Super easy to use

Master the intuitive platform in record time. End-users can tailor it to their needs.

Leverage with what you have

Per Angusta can be used in any procurement environment. You can use it as a stand-alone platform covering your essential Source-to-Contract needs. And thanks to integrations with the world’s leading Procurement and Finance software solutions, Per Angusta connects effortlessly with your existing systems and processes.

Built for buyers, by buyers

Over half of our team, including our founder, has worked on procurement’s front lines. This first-hand experience enables us to truly understand your industry needs.

The Foundation of step-by-step digitization

Digitizing your Procurement function is a journey you must travel one step at a time. Per Angusta has developed one click integrations with the world’s leading Sourcing and Finance software solutions. This lets you build your tailored Strategic Sourcing system around Per Angusta progressively, at your own pace.

Trusted by Procurement leaders

Procurement trailblazers in all industries trust us to turn them into what we call — bottom-line heroes.


"The Procurement Performance Management Solution, Per Angusta, is the backbone of our digital roadmap. Through its reporting, collaboration and visibility capabilities, Per Angusta is the perfect solution for Technicolor Purchasing Department."

Cédric Le Savéant
VP, Group Sourcing & Procurement - Technicolor

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