All plans include sourcing pipeline, savings tracking & contract management.

They also include email notifications, Excel exports, and an unlimited number of read-only users

2 000 €/ year
  • Up to 2 buyers
  • Email support (24h)
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  • Price per buyer
  • Realised savings tracking
  • Advanced reporting engine
  • Automatic interfaces with your ERP
  • Priority email (3h) + Phone (8h-19h CET)

Try Per Angusta risk-free. We'll refund your full subscription if you're not convinced after 3 months. No questions asked.

Your data is stored in a European, ISO 27001 certified data centre and are backed-up in real-time.
All transmissions are encrypted with a strong encryption protocol (256 bits).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any commitment ?

No, you pay yearly but are free to go after one year.
We also have monthly payment plans (200€ / month for the Solo plan). Note: the annual price includes a discount equivalent to 2 months of subscription.

What is a buyer? A read-only user?

A buyer is a user that runs negotiation projects, reports savings or administers contracts in Per Angusta.
Read-only users are typically colleagues from the finance department or a stakeholder: they can only consult data, approve savings or comment on a project.

What is the 3-months money back guarantee?

If you decide in the first 3 months that we're not the right fit for you, we will refund the whole subscription. No question asked

Is there any additional fee to add?

The pricing is based on a maximum number of buyers and is all inclusive.
There is no additional cost for storage beyond a certain threshold ("fair use"), bandwidth, admin users or collaborators.
There is no setup cost (except the training). You can create as many negotiation projects, contracts as you want (or can).

Is my data secure?

We take security very seriously and we tackle this at various levels
Physical architecture: our platform is hosted by Heroku (a Salesforce Inc. Company) in the data centres of Amazon in Europe. They have the highest possible physical security standards in place.
Application security: we apply the best practices of OWASP when developping Per Angusta and run static code analysis to detect security holes.
Our application has been successfully passed a thorough application security audit covering: operations, monitoring and backup procedures as well as penetration testing.
Your data is physically separated from other customer's to avoid data leakage.

Will I always have access to my data?

Yes, the data in your instance is all yours. You can access it anytime or even export it to Excel.
When your subscription ends, your data remains available for 60 days so that you have the time to retrieve it.

Can you interface with my ERP or any other system?

Yes. Integration with your IT environment is part of the Enterprise plan.
For the Team plan, you can also import data (e.g. suppliers, existing negotiation projects…) using our import templates or our API.

I already have a sourcing pipeline in Excel, can you import it in Per Angusta?

Yes. We have a template Excel file to import your existing projects or savings, so that you don't have to wait for the new year to start in Per Angusta.
The Support is available to guide you through this steps.