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What does 2021 have in store for procurement? Download this study Procurement 2021: Big Trends and Predictions by Ardent Partners to find out!

Hint: Procurement Performance Management is more important than ever!

The year of COVID was difficult for procurement, as they struggled with diminishing budgets, battled unpredictable economic situations, and persevered to build more resilient supply chains. These challenges continue to impact procurement practices and have transformed the role procurement plays in business operations. In fact, “87% of CPOs believe their impact increased during the pandemic.

As economic uncertainty expands throughout 2021, more CEOs will begin to stress the importance of operating with strict financial discipline. That is why Ardent Partners predicts that this year, procurement performance management will be more important than ever,” says Andrew Bartolini, founder and chief research officer at Ardent Partners.

Take a look at the study to discover:

  • The expanding role of procurement
  • How procurement’s priorities are shifting in the year ahead
  • Why Procurement Performance Management is key
  • How technology will impact procurement operations
  • What will drive business strategies in the coming year
  • Anticipated changes to sourcing strategies

Unlock this year’s big trends and predictions now.