Procurement Analyst

We Can Help Solve Your Procurement Problems

Too many departments and buyers to manage in too little time?

Tired of analyzing data that’s disconnected and in different formats?

Overwhelmed with trying to recover information from dispersed and hidden sources?

Constantly having to justify your recommendations?

How We Help

Structure stakeholder interactions

Per Angusta enables you to consolidate all information, sourcing insights and stakeholder needs all in one transparent place.

Focus on processing real intelligence instead of data crunching

Save precious time with savings forecasts that are automatically calculated by type and status against baseline targets. This frees up time for you to focus on more complex information, such as market trends, supplier references, bill of material costs, etc.

Be a creative and proactive force for stakeholders’ needs

Identify and overcome bottlenecks in your sourcing processes.

Consolidate reliable sourcing information in one place

With Per Angusta you are only ever one click away from any data and information that you may need. Produce indisputable progress reports in a language understood by Finance and all other stakeholders at any moment.​​

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