Procurement Performance Dashboards to Better Manage and Measure

Your View to Operational Status, Goal Tracking, and Confirmed Results

Our procurement performance management platform lets you create insightful views to proactively manage, optimize, and clearly measure your team’s impact. From operational monitoring, through Finance-focused dashboards, to C-level reporting, you have all your bases covered with Per Angusta.


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You’ve Never Had Procurement Performance Visibility Like This

Data and reports are often scattered across different pockets of your organization, and source-to-pay suites are only telling part of the story. The result is that it’s extremely difficult for Procurement to get an overall picture of what’s happening now, how that’s tracking against goals, and quantifying the value that’s being created.

With Per Angusta as your central orchestration hub for planning, tracking, and managing all of your sourcing pipeline and results, we help you clearly see and tell your true, complete story of the impact you’re making. Our Performance Dashboards give you so many flexible options for aggregating, drilling-down, and contextualizing the information for different internal stakeholders.

Key Features of Our Performance Dashboards

You have a go-to place for timely, accurate insights to better operationally manage your team, track status against goals, adjust priorities, promote the value and impact of procurement, and leverage insights for future planning.



Actively track current status against a variety of KPIs and value creation goals.

Compare Target vs. Forecast vs. Actuals in financial impact reports.

Build any number of Dashboards needed.

Keep tabs on an activity feed that shows what’s happening now.

Monitor levers that may influence savings or indicate risks or bottlenecks.

Aggregate views that also allow for drill-downs into buyer-level or project-level detail.

Use standard built-in reports plus custom options. Create a Finance view.

Easily export and share reports and visualizations.

Integrate spend analysis data to enhance insights.

“Per Angusta creates a single source of truth with certified and up-to-date information for everyone. A key success factor is that everyone has a common technology. Everyone is reporting from the same data and capturing progress for every person and every project that supports the business mandate. Our team was quickly impressed with the ease of learning the features.”

Abraham Saxionis
Chief Procurement Officer, Keolis North America

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