Procurement Performance Management Has Never Been Easier

Procurement That’s Strategic, Collaborative, and Trusted

It’s time to say goodbye to wasting precious time and resources chasing down the information you need across a tangle of disconnected tools and apps – only to emerge with an incomplete picture, inconsistent data quality, and brittle reporting that finds a skeptical Finance audience.

Per Angusta is the overarching hub for managing and showing procurement’s pipeline, performance, and value. Every day, our solution helps teams easily collaborate to see and track all projects to make better decisions faster, confidently measure and show their impact, and discover new value-creating opportunities to improve business outcomes and alignment.

Under One Roof:
Procurement Performance Rapidly Elevated

Let’s help you bring it all together, fast: Per Angusta provides the current, holistic backbone you need to orchestrate and better measure procurement’s strategic influence. Implemented in as little as a few days, it can be a standalone solution or easily integrated with your S2C or S2P suite for a connected experience.


Centrally Manage Your Procurement Projects
Gain a current, integrated view of all projects and their stage in the sourcing pipeline, re-prioritize as needed, and take action on flagged items.

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Savings & Value

Always Know Your Status vs. Goals
See forecasted costs alongside defined targets and historical data. When projects complete, get auditable reports showing actual value.

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Get a Unified View to Contracts
Proactively manage expiring contracts through scheduled alerts, identify consolidation opportunities, and keep all signed contracts in one place.

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Performance Dashboards

Get Actionable Insights & Trusted Reports
Gain a timely view to better track value against goals, manage your team’s operations, adjust priorities, and promote the impact of procurement.

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Supplier’s Hub

Centralize Supplier Data
Save time by integrating and accessing relevant supplier info in one place, such as projects, scorecards, contracts, spend, and more.

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Discover New Value Together
Have a central collaborative place to identify, assess, and approve new value-driving projects, using data from spend analytics, contracts, and more.

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"Per Angusta is the backbone of our digital roadmap. Through its reporting, collaboration and visibility capabilities, Per Angusta is the perfect solution for Technicolor Purchasing Department."

Cédric Le Savéant
VP, Group Sourcing & Procurement - Technicolor

How Per Angusta Makes Procurement Life Easier

Per Angusta drives clear benefits to Procurement teams and the way they work. Plus, we can easily integrate with your other apps and data sources to give you the essential insights you need across these areas:

01. Identify

Identify all possible opportunities to reduce spend, cut risk, and boost vendor quality. Be alerted to contract expiry dates, business teams’ demands, and external market events.

 02. Prioritize

Set and easily adjust priorities for the sourcing projects in your pipeline based on criteria such as value and risk. Your team knows exactly what to do and what they need to work on next.

03. Forecast

Produce a reliable, trusted forecast of contracted savings or total value for each sourcing project, one that adjusts as inputs changes. Give visibility to Finance so they know what to expect.

04. Collaborate

Establish your purpose-built, standardized procurement hub to bring together the team’s work and their stakeholders – to increase transparency, collaboration, agility, knowledge retention and sharing, and ultimately trust.

05. Measure

Confidently measure progress in meeting your procurement goals. Be alerted to events and bottlenecks that threaten your team’s performance. Get indisputable, auditable reports to demonstrate Procurement’s contribution.

06. Communicate

Easily share clear progress reports with Finance and stakeholders whenever it’s needed, without high reporting burdens. Demonstrate your impact on the business in terms of reduced risk, better vendor quality, and spend optimization.

Our Advantages in
Procurement Performance Management

After 10 years and 130+ global customer implementations,
here are top reasons why we’re told we’re chosen:

Painless implementation & onboarding

Implementing our platform takes as little as a few days. Onboarding can be completed in a matter of hours.

Super easy to use

Master the intuitive platform in record time. Plus, configuration options help you tailor it to your needs and processes.

Integrates without disruption

Per Angusta flexibly extends when (and if) needed. We can be your standalone platform covering essential source-to-contract needs, and we also connect easily with leading Procurement and Finance software solutions.

Built for buyers, by buyers

Over half of our team, including our founder, has worked on Procurement’s front lines. This first-hand experience enables us to truly understand and support your needs.

Product design & support expertise

Save time, resources, and “lost opportunity costs” by leaving the product to us. Our platform is built on industry-tested best practices, and we handle the ongoing user and tech support, documentation, training, hosting, and security.

Ever-evolving SaaS platform

We listen to users’ feedback! We regularly add new features and improvements to benefit all customers. Updates are automatically made available.

Trusted by procurement leaders

Procurement trailblazers in all industries trust us to boost their place on the maturity curve and transform in record time. Insights gained from Per Angusta can help prioritize your next procurement investments and resources.

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