Your Complete Procurement Pipeline - All in One Place

Giving You an Essential Operational Backbone That’s 100% Built for Procurement

With Per Angusta’s Procurement Performance Management platform, you get an easy place to enter, forecast, and track the value of all sourcing projects against their goals – and therefore a holistic view to manage and react with agility across your entire organization.


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Bringing it Together, the Procurement Way

Today’s procurement leaders are looking to get a handle on the overall demands placed on their teams and the actual results, so they can best prioritize resources and projects. This is impossible to do effectively when data about sourcing projects is scattered everywhere. It’s also very difficult if the data lives in a tool not designed for the way procurement works.

From our beginning more than 10 years ago, Per Angusta designed this platform using our own front-line procurement expertise – and we’ve so far helped more than 130 global procurement teams gain the centralized visibility, standardization, efficiency, and agility they need and deserve.

Key Features of Our Procurement Pipeline Solution

With this core solution in our platform, you have a place for the team and managers to maintain a current, operational view of all projects and their tracked value against the strategic goals you define.

See what’s happening now across all projects with overall timelines, so you can react faster to changes and alerts.

Specify your forecasted savings and value targets for each project, dynamically updated as needed and visible to Finance.

Give the full team access to easily input and maintain their projects via our friendly user interface, or use our integration capabilities to access the information.

Assign and take action on projects auto-flagged as requiring attention.

Collaboratively prioritize projects and re-prioritize as needed with just a few clicks to manage resources and timing.

View projects by their status in pipeline stage, configured to your stage definitions, and drill-down to details by buyer.

Easily organize projects and associated procurement events (RFIs, RFPs) into grouped programs.

Establish thresholds for triggering project alerts, using criteria such as risk to goal achievement or changes to forecasted value.

Integrate all sourcing projects from Source-to-Pay apps into Per Angusta for ongoing lifetime tracking and measurement in one place.

"Everyone is really satisfied with Per Angusta, especially gaining a true pipeline solution compared to our previous approach. We have the right technology to add value to the business, having the right data and the right engagement helps us enhance how people see Global Procurement…. We have quickly and successfully simplified our procurement processes and embedded them into Per Angusta."

Ciaran Owens
Head of Global Procurement Excellence, Imperial Brands

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