Discover and Approve New Procurement Value Opportunities

Continuously and Collaboratively Explore New Ideas to Improve Procurement Results

Procurement and Finance are both under pressure to find new ways to control costs, reduce risks, and deliver value against business goals. Per Angusta’s procurement performance management platform gives you a central, collaborative space where your own data helps you identify and decide on new sourcing projects to approve. And it gives buyers a home for capturing their creative ideas.


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Work Together to Elevate Procurement Value from Idea to Completion

Improving procurement performance should be a team sport; results don’t rest on any single project or team member. Bringing procurement, finance, and spend category stakeholders together to review ideas with the right data is a key to successfully generating new savings and meeting business goals.

Per Angusta gives you the Opportunities solution to register, identify, and approve new value-creating sourcing projects to add to your pipeline. But we don’t stop there. We continue to track and measure each project over the course of its lifetime, and then use reporting to generate meaningful, trusted insights to help with future KPI planning.

Key Features of Our Opportunities Solution

It’s easy to extend Per Angusta’s core platform of Pipeline, Savings and Value, and Dashboards with a solution that ensures new value-generating ideas are captured and acted on – and without cluttering your official pipeline and reporting. Spend project decisions are made clear, and then target goals are attached as each approved project moves into your pipeline for ongoing tracking and measurement.

Organize and explore new project ideas with your team and stakeholders, detect quick wins, and assign next actions.

Create a new approved sourcing project directly from a soon-expiring contract and add to your Pipeline.

See opportunities to consolidate suppliers and/or spend across similar contracts.

Create an opportunity triggered from your S2P app, spend analysis, external demand management tool, or external data source.

Define workflows to document necessary approvals and capture feedback.

Send approved projects immediately to your sourcing tool to launch, while the project’s lifecycle is tracked and managed in Per Angusta.

“With Per Angusta, we save so much time and effort in coordinating and collaborating with all the departments. It is really one of the best solutions to develop our procurement organization one step at a time, while benefiting immediately from useful insights that are generated through our daily operations.”

Indirect Purchasing Manager, Le Bon Marché (LVMH)

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