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[Tech] Web Developer / Frontend

As a frontend Web developer, you are responsible for the UX and the UI of our solutions: You develop with user-oriented spirit, you interact with the backend and understand their work, you work with concerns about existing features and conventions and you keep your distance with popular frameworks and use them parsimoniously and efficiently.

Your missions

  • Develop frontend solutions
  • Maintain and enforce the End-to-End test suite
  • Debug and apply corrective changes
  • Help support to give our clients appropriate answers
  • Follow standards and keep up-to-date
  • Work along with the backend developers

Your responsibilities

You report directly to the CTO and can have a high level of autonomy in the developments.

You are reviewed by the other developers and the UX designer, and you apply their advices. You share your knowledge with the other developers and also review their code (even backend solutions).

You are responsible for the upgrade of the existing UI and to find smooth solutions not to disturb the development of monolithic applications.

You make sure the test coverage is efficient in your developments and you follow the conventions because you love conventions!

Your skills

You are curious, passionate and committed.

You wish to join a fast-growing company and take care of its current and future success.

You are aligned with our values: pleasure, agility, commitment, coherence.

An already experienced position in B2B is greatly appreciated.

Plus, you’re nice!


  • Web standards
  • Pure Javascript
  • Ruby (or at least one server language like PHP)
  • Git
  • English

Language and framework skills

  • You code with concerns about error handling
  • You experienced development in an already existing code base
  • You are familiar with monolithic applications and you understand pros and cons
  • You are worried about testing your code and you already experienced it using dedicated tools and languages
  • You are up-to-date with Web standards and security concepts
  • You have affinities with backend development 🙂

Additional skills

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Scripting and command line
  • API / Web services

Your environment

We are developing two SaaS solutions dedicated to Procurement Performance Management and Procurement Strategies of large companies.

We’re an enthusiastic of engineers and we are committed into the success of the company.

You will be working in an open space along with the sales, delivery and Customer Success teams, in constant interaction with stakeholders and clients.

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