Communicate the Procurement Savings and Value Created

Get Everyone Aligned on the Results – Especially Finance

As a core feature in Per Angusta’s procurement performance management platform, we make it easy for you to centrally track the progress of cost savings and other value created in each of your procurement sourcing projects. The data is there for everyone to see and audit, which gives Finance the confidence to report the impact.


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Easily Deliver Trusted Reporting to Finance

A significant challenge for CPOs and their managers who handle reporting is that it can be difficult to deliver results to Finance with a high degree of confidence – and in a timely, efficient way. Obstacles to that include data quality and consistency issues, decentralized information, a lack of transparency, and team members who follow different processes.

Per Angusta tackles those challenges by providing a standardized place for all projects to be tracked, transparently set your project goals, monitor progress, flag risks to goal attainment, and package final outcomes in clear, accessible reports. We also make it easy to share and integrate data where needed.

Key Features of Our Savings and Value Reporting

Unlike generic project management and reporting tools, Per Angusta is tailor-made for procurement performance management and reporting. Our easy-to-use platform lets you:

Specify and adjust as needed the target savings or other value goals (i.e. ESG) for each project in the procurement pipeline.

Track the progress of each project’s forecast against goals and compared to any historical data

Improve governance by establishing thresholds that trigger alerts if a project is at risk of missing its goal

Access, centrally store, and share detailed savings reports for each completed project.

Give Finance an easy view to audit and then validate the savings and value reports against KPIs

Give Procurement and Finance users the transparency they need, with Dashboards that access standard and custom reports

“Finally, in one single tool, we are able to follow all Procurement projects and have all evidence that the savings have been achieved. They are communicated with full transparency and can be audited by investors and management control.”

Hugues de Planta
Group Procurement Director, Kingfisher

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