July 12, 2022

Per Angusta and SpendHQ Join Forces

A match made in Procurement heaven:
The world’s first platform for continuous spend intelligence and performance optimization

On July 12, 2022, SpendHQ and Per Angusta announced that the companies will merge under SpendHQ. Together, as two recognized leaders in Procurement SaaS, our vision is to create the most advanced platform to elevate procurement strategy and operations excellence for our customers.

This new complement to existing procurement tech responds to the current needs of Procurement and Finance executives. By combining spend intelligence, opportunity identification, operational management, and real-time measurement of outcomes, Procurement teams find a fast path to best practices and maturity – and are well equipped to react quickly to current crises, inflation, and ESG stakes.

From vision to action: True spend intelligence that feeds Procurement performance

SpendHQ delivers unrivaled capability to cleanse, normalize, enrich and classify >97% of an organization’s spend data. Built and backed by Procurement experts, SpendHQ injects deep expertise to help you discover, prove, and act on your spend insights like no one else on the market.

Per Angusta is the industry-defining Procurement Performance Management platform that helps teams holistically see and actively manage their procurement projects to make better decisions faster, confidently measure the true impact, and drive future value creation.


TOGETHER we uniquely fill a crucial gap: Elevating the strategic value of procurement – by delivering what’s missing to harness spend and project knowledge to empower better management plans, actions, and results beyond execution-focused, transactional tech.

Create more value:
Discover new insights & opportunities thanks to consolidated, accurate, Procurement-ready data

Manage proactively and exceptionally:
Better track and manage initiatives, set the right goals, and stay on top of progress and risks

Confidently communicate impact:
Accurately, transparently measure outcomes and deliver indisputable reporting to Finance and stakeholders

Continuously advance:
Use insights to inform supplier negotiations and continually optimize with stakeholders to add more value each cycle

Elevate your team and outcomes:
Take advantage of embedded best practices that quickly, easily level-up your maturity stage

Hear from us about this exciting solution combination

"The combination of our successful firms plus our ambitious road map will create something the procurement world has never seen."

Tom Beaty
SpendHQ Founder and Board Member

Our platforms allow for the ultimate Procurement Performance optimization

Together the solutions provide a unique, end-to-end solution to understand spend,
identify opportunities, implement and manage them, and measure Procurement’s contribution in
a transparent, indisputable way.

"Per Angusta created the Procurement Performance Management segment. The combination with SpendHQ unlocks the potential to create a market-defining solution. This union will accelerate our ability to use data to bring Procurement closer to Finance and the C-suite, and ultimately elevate the role of Procurement."

Pierre Laprée
Founder of Per Angusta, now Chief Product Officer for SpendHQ and Per Angusta

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