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CFOs and CPOs Perspectives: Strengthening Alignment for Value Creation

In this survey, we pose the same questions to CFOs and CPOs to highlight the need for enhanced collaboration. Discover how you can gain more value by aligning finance and procurement.

  • How can you align procurement and finance to work toward collective goals?
  • How can you reinforce transparency and collaboration to drive more value?
  • How can you ensure you're using shared metrics and KPIs?

Improve your Procurement function by aligning Procurement and Finance departments. Our study investigates how the two departments can work together to achieve their collective goals, delivered in partnership by DFCG, Capgemini Invent, and Per Angusta.

Learn how to leverage 7 levers of improvement to build a better relationship between Finance and Procurement.

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#1  Establish regular joint sessions to determine strategic goals.

#2 Get Finance more involved in sourcing strategies with suppliers.

#3 Prioritize spend measurement alongside cost reduction.

#4 Communicate successful joint initiatives with the larger business.

#5 Implement procedures to monitor procurement’s performance.

#6 Co-construct the Procurement Performance Calculation Rules.

#7 Build reporting structures and KPIs together.

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