Supplier Information Hub for Procurement Performance Management

Seamlessly Connect Your Supplier Information With Procurement Outcomes in the Same App

As you manage and measure the performance and impact of your procurement team, you can now easily access from the same place all the essential information you need about the suppliers involved in those projects. Per Angusta lets you synch your supplier master database into our central hub to save you time, enrich your insights, and increase transparency as you connect supplier info to performance management.


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Easily Access the Supplier Data Behind Procurement’s Value

As you work hard to measure and report on procurement’s impact on your business, it is often necessary to drill into the details of the suppliers that are selected to support your sourcing projects. Unfortunately, most procurement organizations have to inefficiently chase this information down across multiple internal apps and external websites to bring together all the information you need.

Instead, Per Angusta gives you the unified, centralized hub to integrate the supplier information you need and connect it to our procurement performance management solution. This saves you significant time and gives you a more comprehensive picture of suppliers to aid in your reporting and future supplier planning.

Key Features of Our Supplier Central Solution

Our customers often call us the “single source for truth,” and our Supplier Central module certainly helps deliver that value on top of the core procurement pipeline tracking, savings and value reporting, and performance dashboards you already have by synching with your main supplier master database.

Get a quick snapshot all in one place of each suppliers’ projects, awarded business and spend, scorecards and CSR data, contracts, and more.

Ingest data via our standard APIs from our integration marketplace, to deliver access to supplier records in S2P apps and external data from sources like Tealbook.

Save time through a user-friendly interface that eliminates multi-app navigation and hunting for supplier information.

Trigger actions by adding comments, attaching documents, and/or creating internal tasks from supplier information you see in Per Angusta.

"A real backbone for the Procurement process, Per Angusta links different departments together, aligning all the players in the company around the same business process, all of which are centered around the search for performance."

Rémi Barussaud
Industrial Purchasing Manager, RATP Dev

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