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In this white paper, discover:

  • Why Procurement Performance Management is critical to the success of any Procurement digitalization program
  • How leading Procurement organizations deliver a better return on investment using best-of-breed technologies
  • How Procurement Performance Management allows Procurement to build trusted relationships with other functions

  • Get key insights from Procurement Leaders analyst, Alex JohnstonKearney Partner, Elouise Epstein and highlights from Per Angusta’s Procurement Performance Management software experts.

    “Procurement needs to throw cost savings out the window. The days are numbered for the CPO who has a focus solely on cost savings. If you’re the leader of procurement, the only way to track your progress on that is through Procurement Performance Management. The reality is that this is procurement’s path to relevance at the board level. It’s that simple.”

    - ELOUISE EPSTEIN, Partner at Kearney | Supply Chain and Procurement Author

    Get the following key takeaways from this White Paper

    Demonstrate Procurement true value to the business

    Increase Procurement agility within the business

    Enhance alignment and collaboration with Finance and other key stakeholders

    Elevate the role of Procurement with more transparency and accountability

    Embrace the new dimensions of performance (ESG, carbon neutrality, innovation)

    Select the right data and software solutions for successful and faster transformation 

    “When you are a Fortune 500 company, running your business in a spreadsheet cannot work.
    You need to structure your activity, goals, ambitions and results. These need to be laid out in a clear and repeatable way so that you can then provide transparency to your CFO. Procurement Performance Management is just about that: building this foundation of trust, so you can have the strategic conversations.”

    - Pierre Laprée, CEO and FOUNDER of per Angusta

    A step by step guide to optimizing Procurement Performance Management!